Do Married Men Leave Their Wives?

Do married men leave their wives?

Do married men leave their wives?

R Don Steele is the famed author of How To Date Young Women: For Men Over 35, Body Language Secrets and A Man’s Guide To Women, and has provided his dating expertise in over 400 radio interviews. With a no-nonsense approach to the dating world, R Don Steele tells it like it is and helps men find the women they want every time.

Question 1: Dating married man
I am currently dating a man I am completely in love with. The problem is, he is married with two kids. He told me from the get-go that he would never leave his wife but he treats me so great when we’re together that I’m sure he’ll leave her to be with me once all his kids turn 18 (in 2 years).

Perhaps I’m being naive (that’s what all my friends tell me), but I really believe that this is the man for me.

If he won’t be with me, then I’d rather be alone. Do you think I’m fooling myself? By the way, he’s 54 and I’m 26, but I really believe that our age difference is irrelevant here.


R Don Steele’s Answer:
The age difference is not “irrelevant” to him! It is one of the primary reasons he’s with you! It’s evolution! It’s primal. Men want a fertile woman. Young women are fertile!

As for marrying you? When a man says that he won’t bluntly and firmly, that’s what he means and that’s what his plan is. That does not mean he cannot change is mind.

It does mean that, as far as he’s concerned, you know the score and you like what you two have without the promise of marriage. Further, love is so rare and so wonderful, I believe in caring for it and tending it and making it grow and blossom any place whenever it happens.

However, I do not know if he loves you. So my recommendation is for you to become more romantic with him, however you want to do that. If you two have just been meeting at your place and having sex, and he leaves you and goes home, you must plan a date that is romantic – something he can’t resist.

You have to gradually ease him off his “sex only” mindset and into a dating relationship. If he does profess his love for you and is not romantic, you must express your desire for him to be romantic with you.

Finally, I believe that it is unwise to give up on him until you have followed the above plan and he professes his deep undying love for you but still won’t leave his wife.

That would be in about six months after you have a loving sexual romance full of love being expressed verbally and physically shown.

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  • Mary Cillis

    Great piece.

  • Casual Observer

    Mr. Steele has hit the nail on the head. You can’t get better input than this.

  • Jim Greer

    Once again Don Steele is right on target. I’m one of the few married men who did leave his wife and two teenage daughters for “the younger woman.” She was 23 years younger. The motivation was sexual and it was incredible.

  • N Starr

    Brilliant advice and insight

  • Mason

    Can’t get much better and simpler a recommendation than that. All Dee has to do is do it and pay attention. Even if she does not get what she wants she’ll at least find out what is what.

  • Serge Samoniantz

    I agree with Mr. Steele’s assessment of the situation. As a married man of 39 years (to the same wife), I can still understand attraction to other women. As I told my wife many times when she caught me (and they always do) looking at other women: “I am married but not buried.” It is not unnatural for men to look elsewhere. In the back of our minds, we always think, “what if…?” But that is not something we act upon our emotions or instincts, every time.

  • Ben

    Steele is right on. Many times I have told a woman I am dating I won’t do something, only to change my mind later.

  • This side of the pond

    Right on! Love is worth everything!

  • Chris

    Got it right as usual Don. A man that knows the score when it comes to human interaction and is not afraid to be brutally honest with it.

  • Right on

    I’ve followed Don’s teachings for 9 years now. He has never been wrong, because it is founded in experience. The article handles both questions simply and true. Keep on teaching us all Don!

  • Got the Married One

    Advice is dead on! I got the married one that is 11 years older than I am. He left his wife if 23 years.

  • Sid

    I agree with this advice.

  • thomas french

    What do the statistics say! Usually NO right! My observations have been these situations usually end ugly!!!

  • teri

    Dear Mr. Steele, I am a 50 y/o woman who also is in a relationship with a married man. We have been seeing each other for 2 years, and would like to know your opinion as a man. My man is 56, and his wife is 58. He confides in me how displeased he is with his wife, and how she grosses him out. She is about 3-4 inches taller than he, and weighs about 200. He’s about 155- 160. He states she takes away his masculinity, and he is totally embarrassed being with her in public. (By the way, I am 5’6″ and am at 148). Our sex is incredible, and he tells me he loves me all the time. He practically takes care of me like a wife,(pays my bills, gives me spending money, bought me a place to live and a beautiful car). Yes, he has alot of money. We really love each other alot. He and his wife have been married almost 33 years now, and have 1 child together which has been married and out of the house for 7 years, and the daughter lives 1000 miles from here. I will tell you that I feel our communication is very honest and we have talked about everything. He is brutally honest sometimes, which I have no trouble with either. He has done alot to make me feel very loved and cared for. He tells me I’m perfect for him in everyway. I guess my question for you is, do you think he will ever leave. He states he won’t because he doesn’t want his rep. to be destroyed with his church and family members. He also has money which ( and I don’t blame him) doesn’t want to split. They have had a really rocky marriage for about 20 years now and he even fell in love with a woman and was going to leave her for her, but the other woman backed out. Now he’s met me, and fell for me. I know this sounds unreal, but he is a Christian man also and has convictions about leaving. The only time we really get to spend quality time is when she is gone, or has traveled to see their daughter. We do get to spend about 2-3 hours a day, mostly 3-4 days a week, and the time we do spend together is amazing. There are alot of other issues with his marriage that I don’t have time to talk about but I guess my question is to you “Will he ever leave her for me”. He also tells me he loves his wife, but is not in love with her, and to my understanding he tells her that also. He took me on a romantic 4 day trip while his wife was gone last week. He tells me all the time how sexy I am, and how he even loves to see me naked, how much he loves me etc. He tells me I’m beautiful alot also.He does alot of other things like comes and picks me up to go with him places, he has taken me to work with him at times, so I know he likes to be seen with me. So, my question is what do you think? Your answer will make a big difference in what I do.

  • Veronica Newman

    Hello Teri,
    Please see that our Dating Expert has answered your question!

    If you ever have any other questions, don’t hesitate to email, our Experts are always ready to reply!