Interview with a Male Escort

Everybody has secrets.

I’m an anonymous sex columnist, so as my readers, you don’t know who I really am. Some of my close friends, and even a few of the guys I’m seeing, know that I write The Sauce, but most don’t. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it a double life, but to some extent it is. And even though not everybody lives a double life, many do, to some degree or another, even if they don’t have an alter ego or a nom de plume.

And then there are those who live even more of a double life than I do.

Today I’m talking to Luke Jackson, an independent straight male companion—more commonly known as a male escort—based out of Washington D.C. Although he works independently (visit his personal site here), he is also listed on Concierge du Monde, a site that features several independent male companions.

Luke was coming to New York to see a patron and contacted me to see if I would be interested in getting a drink later that night to chat about the things we had in common. He even suggested that we get breakfast together the next morning if I wasn’t free in the late evening, which I thought was cute. As I’m abroad for the summer, I wasn’t able to meet him, but we began a correspondence born mainly out our mutual curiosity about each other’s secret lives. He wanted to know what I wrote about and how I found my inspiration, and I was very curious about what it is that escorts really do.

He offered to tell me some interesting stories for the column but when he mentioned the possibility of doing an interview about himself I jumped at the chance! When else would I ever have the opportunity to sit down and ask a male escort everything that I was curious about?

So despite my unreliable internet connection and the six hour time difference between us we managed to sit down and do a virtual interview, which I’m pleased to share below.

If you have any questions that you think I forgot, please leave a comment or email me and I’ll pass them along. And ladies, if you’re interested in spending an evening (or more) in the company of a charming gentleman who’s also quite easy on the eyes, do not hesitate to contact Luke; he’d be thrilled to hear from you!


Olivia Quiver: So Luke, tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? Where did you grow up? What’s your family like?

Luke Jackson: I grew up in Virginia and consider myself very much from there, it’s beautiful and it’s home. My family is very loving and stable, quirky, argumentative. Lots of reading out loud while I was growing up; I was raised with an intellectual curiosity and a passion for debate.

OQ: What are your hobbies?

LJ: Cooking and baking bread, canoeing, chess, reading, discussing things, drinking with friends, rock climbing, hunting and fishing. I keep busy and like being outdoors. I love the beach. And traveling! Adventure and seeing the world, new places and people. And obviously I love sex!

OQ: Would you consider it a hobby?

LJ: Sex? I’d consider reading and learning about it a hobby, but sex itself is more fundamental to who I am. It’s part of being human, a core desire and drive, a passion.

OQ: What is your other “normal” occupation?

LJ: I do some freelance journalism, I’m a full time student, currently applying to med school, and I run some medical research studies. A jack of all trades.

OQ: And this takes up most of your time?

LJ: They’re all quite flexible obviously, but yes, that’s how I spend most of my time right now.
OQ: Where do you currently live?

LJ: I live and study in Washington D.C.

OQ: We all know the term escort, but what is your actual title?

LJ: Straight Male Companion. It captures the role rather well. Most of what I do is to accompany ladies in their travels or to events. Or sometimes to join couples for dinner and…  Escort is fine, but companion is what I use.

OQ: So when and how did you get into it?
LJ: Well, a good friend of mine put herself through grad school as an escort, and she suggested I give it a go. I was working a consulting job that I didn’t enjoy, spending too much time chained to a desk. So I applied to grad school and made a website for myself. Getting listed on Concierge du Monde was a huge help. So it was a little crazy, but seemed like an adventure.

OQ: Tell me a bit about the mental process you went through to decide to do this. I mean, anyone can put up a website and call themselves an escort, but not everyone would be able to go through with it. Was it an easy decision?

LJ: Once I met my first patron and it went well, very well, I realized it could really work. And that I was quite good at it

OQ: But before any clients, was it easy to decide to do it?

LJ: Once the idea was planted, I went through with it pretty quickly. I didn’t feel too conflicted about it to be honest. I didn’t think it was wrong, I just wondered if it was really possible. And there was only one way to find out…

OQ: How many people close to you know that this is your side job? Parents? Siblings? Close friends?

LJ: Not family, but most of my close friends know.

OQ: If they don’t know, how hard is it to keep it from them? And if you told them, how did they react?

LJ: I’m feeling quite open about it these days. I think they’d be surprised but not shocked, and they’d be ok with it. I’m still me, the same person they know and love, just with an unusual side job.

OQ: How do you explain all the traveling to your family?

LJ: I explain that I’m visiting friends out of town, which is also true since I often visit friends before or after I travel somewhere. But also I live alone, so it’s not like they’re keeping track of my travel schedule.

OQ: Do the girls you date in your personal life know that you’re an escort? How have they reacted when you’ve told them?

LJ: Absolutely, I’m always up front about it before I sleep with anyone or get involved. The women I’m close to have been very supportive about it. Curious, even. Obviously it’s not for everyone, so it doesn’t always work out, but it’s best to be honest.

OQ: How time consuming is it? How many days a week/hours a day?

LJ: I usually see one patron a month on average, usually for anything from an evening to three days, but that varies month to month.

OQ: Do you travel often? What percentage, more or less, of your patrons are outside of DC? How many are outside of the US?

LJ: I’ve been to London, Edinburgh, Madrid, New York, Canada, San Diego, Chicago, Dallas. I’d say the over half of my patrons are outside of DC, and probably a quarter are international.

OQ: Where is the most exciting place you’ve gone with a client? The most boring?

LJ: Well most boring I’m not going to kiss and tell. But most exciting was probably Edinburgh for New Year’s Eve. Madrid was beautiful as well. Chicago was exciting because it was my first time there. I see and learn new things when I’m with a patron exploring DC, too. San Diego was fun because I love the beach. Still hoping someone will want to go to the Caribbean. I just like exploring new places though.

OQ: Do the time/travel requirements ever interfere with your life as a student?

LJ: I don’t let them. I take my studies very seriously, so I balance them just like you’d balance any other job.

OQ: Will you turn down a patron if it’s at an inconvenient time for you?

LJ: Scheduling is always a back and forth, it depends on when the patron is free and on my schedule. We all have busy lives! We just have to find ways to make it work. I’ve certainly had times I couldn’t make, but I’ve had very last minute arrangements work out really well too

OQ: Describe your typical client.

LJ: No such thing. Women of all ages, body types, backgrounds. I suppose what they have in common is curiosity and an open mind. You’d be surprised how different the women I’ve seen are: Teachers, bankers, journalists, professionals, lawyers, businesswomen, mothers, entrepreneurs, politicians, even an escort once!

OQ: How old was the youngest? Oldest?

LJ: The youngest was 24, the oldest was early 60s. But age really doesn’t matter

OQ: Are they mostly wealthy?

LJ: Nope, definitely not. Some are, but most aren’t. It’s like saving for vacation.

OQ: So, what do you usually do with clients?

LJ: Well that depends on the client…

OQ: Well, what do different kinds of clients usually want?

LJ: Mostly I’d say dinner, wine, conversation, museums, city sights, sometimes theater. And then lots and lots of sex. Most want conversation, company, an adventure, and intimacy. Some want size. Some want specific fantasies. Mostly it’s about companionship though.

OQ: How often is sex part of it?

LJ: All but one or two so far, although it’s only one element of many. Couples are generally looking for size and youth and endurance, specifically. Women on their own, it’s a mix. It’s mostly about intelligence and playfulness and adventure

OQ: And where does this all happen? You mentioned dinner, museums, the theater, but then afterward?

LJ: Hotels usually, but I’ve been to people’s homes

OQ: Is that unusual?

LJ: Not really, no, but most of my patrons enjoy traveling with me, exploring a new place together

OQ: Have you ever been interested in the possibility of seeing a patron socially?

LJ: Well I’ve been very interested by all of my patrons, they’re fascinating women. But I do keep my professional and personal lives separate. At least to a degree. I discuss my personal life in pretty deep detail with patrons, when they’re interested, and they do the same.

OQ: Tell me about your friend Avery.

LJ: She’s a good friend. She suggested that I try this to begin with. She’s a bit mysterious, but we work together well.

OQ: Do you work often together?

LJ: No, not often at all, but it’s lovely when we do

OQ: What do you usually do together? Is it just the two of you performing, or is it often interactive with the client?

LJ: Some couples want to be with another couple, some women have a fantasy of a threesome or want to experiment with being with another woman. And some people just want a show.

OQ: Who is/are the typical client(s) that requests both of you together?

LJ: I’m not sure there’s a typical. Usually just women or couples who are very open minded, playful, curious, experimental.

OQ: Usually couples?

LJ: No, we’ve seen both. And we’ve put on shows for male clients of hers

OQ: So sometimes you call her, and sometimes she calls you, each for your respective clients?

LJ: Exactly.

OQ: How often can you be yourself, as just a companion, and how often are you playing a role, to fulfill someone’s fantasy or fetish, for example?

LJ: It’s almost entirely being myself, that’s how I present myself on my site, and that’s how I’m most comfortable. That said, I’ve had clients, couples especially, who are interested in cuckolding or in some dominance. So in those cases it’s a bit more of a role, playing the cocky, young, hung, dominant.

OQ: You mentioned that you were a straight male companion. What is the extent of your sexual involvement with men when you’re with a couple?

There isn’t any, the husband or boyfriend usually just watches. Sometimes it’s more like a threesome, but usually it’s just observing.

OQ: Why do you think these women choose paying for companionship over dating?

LJ: I think it’s a mix of things. They like the simplicity of it. They can plan a trip somewhere and don’t have to worry about someone else’s schedule. Then there’s the attention. My attention and affection is entirely for them while we’re together. It’s all about what they want, when they want it. Beyond that, they like the combination of physical and intellectual stimulation. I like good conversation, so that’s usually a big part of it, talking about ideas. And then there’s an element of excitement at having a young man, who’s in good shape, taking them out to dinner, taking them to bed. Some of my patrons are recently divorced, and trying to explore sex again after a sexless marriage. So it’s a real mix. Intimacy, connection, attention, adventure, exploration, maybe trying new things.

OQ: All of the benefits of dating without the games?

LJ: Right

OQ: But with a hefty price tag.

LJ: True, but I’m somewhat negotiable on that. And repeat patrons suggest I’m doing something right I suppose. But yes, the price is high, no doubt about it. But then school isn’t cheap. I think a lot of my patrons like that they’re funding my education.

OQ: It gives them a benefactor role of sorts.

LJ: Exactly.

OQ: How much do you charge? What does it depend on? Time spent? Acts performed? Distance traveled?

LJ: Depends entirely on my time with the client, I’d say it averages out to something around $150 or $200 an hour, but it depends on how much travel time there is. The lowest is $500 for a couple of hours together. The most expensive is 2500 for 24 hours, but obviously that can be multiplied by as many days as someone wants.

OQ: And with Avery?

LJ: We usually charge around 800 each for an hour or two, but we’re more negotiable since it’s both of us together.
OQ: How many meetings have you had?

LJ: Maybe 30 or 35 at most? Once or twice a month, on average.

OQ: What are the legal implications, if any, of exchanging sex for money? Are escorts viewed more as glorified prostitutes, or as part of a specialized service industry, such as spa treatments and massages?

LJ: First off, I don’t exchange sex for money. Ever. I’m paid for my time, and if there’s sexual chemistry, then so be it. But it’s like a boss sleeping with her employee; consensual sexual harassment at its worst, so to speak. Really though, we don’t sell sex, but there is always a risk that it will be perceived that way. Beyond that, I think that sex workers should be given more legitimacy. What we do is certainly on par with specialized service industry like spa or massage, but probably more akin to psychiatry a lot of the time, at least for me.

OQ: How much time do you usually spend with a client? An hour, a night, a weekend?

LJ: I’ve had all of those experiences… an hour, an evening, a day, three days. It really varies, and I’m quite flexible about it. There isn’t much “usually” in this field, each is unique.

OQ: What is the craziest thing a patron has asked you to do that you’ve done? That you refused to do?

LJ: Not sure if I want to share dirty details for the article, but I suppose a bit wouldn’t hurt… I’ve never had anyone ask me to do something that I refused. And the craziest that I’ve done was probably for a patron who wanted to watch me suck myself for her.

OQ: What are your deal breakers with a client? Do you have any?

LJ: Not that I’ve run across so far, and none come to mind.

OQ: Have you ever left a dissatisfied client? What happened?

LJ: I met a patron couple at one point, they’d booked me very last minute, and I’d had a big test in the morning, I was up at 5am, and I had to take a train up to NYC. I’d warned them that I might be tired, but they said it was fine and wanted to meet anyway, we had a fun time, but I wasn’t on top form. I was just exhausted from the day. I think they were a little bit disappointed, but they were very understanding as well because of the circumstances, so it was all fine in the end.

OQ: But I imagine you leave most of them satisfied, otherwise you’d quickly be out of a job. Do you have many regular patrons? Or are most of them new?

LJ: Most are regulars actually, which is probably a good thing.

OQ: Why is that?

LJ: Well it means I’m doing something right, for one thing. But also we get to know each other, so it works well physically and intellectually. There’s a certain familiarity and comfort. Excitement still, naturally, but for a lot of women the first time is the most intimidating, it’s a big threshold to cross. So the second or third or more time together can get more playful and relaxed.

OQ: It sounds like a lot of fun! Well thank you, this has certainly been very enlightening.

LJ: Thank you, Olivia! I look forward to reading the article.


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