Woman Kills Man With Sex

Woman kills man with sex

Woman kills man with sex

A 22-year-old Nigerian woman known only as “Blessing” was charged with killing 75-year-old man, Baba Sali, with “too much sex.” And here I thought that that was just an expression.

Baba Sali was found dead outside Ashee Hotel in Ikotun where the couple had apparently had “rounds and rounds” of sex. A hotel staffer, who wanted to remain anonymous claims that Baba Sali was last seen drinking a bottle of beer before heading up to Blessing’s room for a whole lotta love.

The same anonymous employee became nosy, I’m guessing, and listened in as the couple had sex over and over again, but left before Baba Sali died, because next thing the employee knew, Baba Sali was foind dead outside the hotel.

The hotel manager then called police who later arrested Blessing. I’m curious to know what they’re going to be charging her with. Did she actually kill him with the sex or did she use something else? Last I checked if a woman has sex with a man and he dies of a heart attack, she is not to blame for his death.

But then, my name’s not “Blessing.”

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  • http://casualencounters.com/blog Alex

    Such a Blessing. The old man could be happy now. He died in ecstacy.