Why Condoms Break

Why condoms break

Why condoms break

If you’ve ever wondered how condom manufacturers test their condoms for reliability, wonder no more. This is the machine used to test condoms and figure out what it takes for them to break. We’re talking hard thrusts here.

According to a scientific paper from Contraception Journal, over a period of 7 years, broken condoms that were returned to certain suppliers were tested to figure out the cause of failure. Theories for why certain condoms broke were investigated on a laboratory “coital model”. A machine that has sex with itself, essentially.

A “blunt puncture” was named as the cause for most breakages in condoms, where the tip of the penis progressively stretches and stretches a condom in one part until it ultimately breaks.

What I don’t get is how they know what the average man “thrusts” at so that they can mimic it with the coital model of theirs. Also, it’s quite obvious that one part of the machine looks anatomically correct; the other doesn’t. Not at all.

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