Can Vibrators Do More Harm Than Good?

Can vibrators do more harm than good?

Can vibrators do more harm than good?

Yvonne Fulbright over at FOX raised a question that I though was worth discussing: Can vibrators do more harm than good?

Any time a woman tells me that she has never reached orgasm, I always direct her to aisle three of a sex shop where a host of vibrators can be found. Why? Because vibrators virtually guarantee orgasm.

But is it possible that the very thing that can teach a woman how to climax can become a very harmful sex toy that can do some serious sex life damage?

Of course, I don’t mean that a vibrator can cause any real physical harm –  but what it can do is turn a woman into an addict and result in her needing it to get off.

It can make sex feel mundane

When you become so used to having an orgasm with a vibrator, it can numb you to sex with another person and make you feel like you need it to get off.

Mental drawback

Because you really believe that you need it to orgasm, you will not orgasm without it. Instead, you will wait for the sex to end and then get off with your toy or try to incorporate it into your sex acts every single time.

Clitoral necessity

There’s no way that man’s fingers of tongue can move as quickly as a vibrator (though there are many men who have tried), so if your clitoris is accustomed to only that sensation for orgasm, then that’s what you’ll end up needing.

To keep this from happening, don’t use your vibrator on a daily basis. Try instead to use it on occasion, with your lover or without, and don’t depend on it for orgasm.

Vibrators make great teaching tools for women who don’t know how to reach orgasm and for women who want to get off because their single, or want to throw some kink into their sex lives. But when the vibrator becomes the sex life, you’ve got issues.

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  • Emily

    The spelling and sentence structure errors in this essay make it untrustworthy. Furthermore, the information therein contradicts the more common argument that vibrators do not produce an addiction.

    I agree that when you can only get off using a vibrator, you have a problem, but for women who are single or who do not believe in sex outside of marriage, it can be the best alternative to random hook-ups.