The Standard Hotel Sex Show

The Standard Hotel sex show

The Standard Hotel sex show

The Meatpacking District’s new urban park happens to meet up with the Standard Hotel. The Standard Hotel has floor to ceiling windows in each room. And guess what guests are using those windows for?

Hot, steamy, raunchy sex. And although everyone’s complaining, it seems to me like they’re loving it.

Neighbors admit that they’ve seen men masturbating, professional porn flicks and everyday couples engaging in very penetrating sex (my words, not theirs).

The manager at Brass Monkey next door says, “I’ve seen a few porn shoots – three dudes walking around a hotel room with cameras and lights filming a couple. I’ve seen at least 10 different people having sex. Saturday nights are the best time for the show.”

Sounds to me like someone’s not really working, huh Joe?

And although the Standard Hotel’s Facebook page encouraged guests to get as raunchy in the windows as they want to, when asked for comment, the post was changed.

At any time throughout the day, you can hear people on the street cheering as they watch people having sex at the windows. I’m guessing that someone will put an end to this because sex is such a taboo topic in the U.S.

But hopefully, people will continue to get their romp on at The Standard. At least until I get there.

Come for the rooms, stay for the live porn.