Sex Positions You’ll Never Try

Sex positions you'll never try

Sex positions you'll never try wrote a book called Position of the Day: Sex Every Day in Every Way, and let’s just say that some of their sex positions are simply impossible.

Don’t get me wrong. I love and all that they represent, but unless you work for Cirque du Soleil, there’s a very good chance you will never be able to master these positions. Hell, even if you were able to get into them, there’s no chance you’d be able to thrust. Needless to say, you’d probably be cracking up as well.

The sex positions’ names include:

The Flying Butt Pliers
The Problem With Yoga
The Fosse
The Tadpole
Keeping Up with the Joneses
Ohhhhhh Canada (isn’t so bad)
Bombs Bursting In Air (looks eerily like The Tadpole)

There’s a good chance that some of these sex positions will land you in the hospital or perhaps even a wheelchair. Like I said before, I think this book was written with contortionists in mind.

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