Men Will Sleep With Anyone

Men will sleep with anyone

Men will sleep with anyone

A shocking study proves that men are much more likely to sleep with a woman they don’t know, even if she’s ugly. (FYI, I’m being facetious.)

Butterfaces across the world can rest easy knowing that there is a man out there who has absolutely no standards and is incredibly willing and able to have sex with them, even while sober.

British researchers analyzed questionnaire responses from 860 American, German and Italian students (427 men, 433 women), in which they revealed what they what do if a member of the opposite sex – some ugly, some not-so ugly, and some hot – offered to go out, go to their place and have sex with them.

Much more men than women were willing to have sex with all 3 categories of women, while the women expressed sole interest in the hot men. Although German men seemed to be the pickiest of the male bunch; Italian men seemed to be the most willing to sleep with any type of woman.

The findings of this study aren’t exactly amazing, considering we have always known this to be fact. The only thing that I find slightly surprising is that the guys in the study were sober. Completely and utterly sober.

But then, we don’t know the last time each of these guys had sex, and an overload of semen should’ve been a factor in all this.