Do Men Like Thick Pubic Hair?

Do men like thick pubic hair?

Do men like thick pubic hair?

For years women have been doing landing strips and even just waxing it all off in the name of “hygiene”, but there is at least one man out there who disagrees and prefers to see a huge bush full of hair when a woman takes off her clothes for sexy time.

While most women prefer to at least trim the area and keep it neat so that the hair doesn’t get knotted and out of control, some men actually prefer the bush because it keeps in all that pheromone goodness that some men enjoy. The aromatic scent is just hypnotic for some guys, it seems.

According to John DeVore: “In my experience, the more hair, the more pheromones. The more aromatic hormones dancing in my nostrils, the more booty-drunk I get.” Wow. I mean, just, wow. I never thought of it that way.

He claims that a bare vagina not only looks prepubescent, it also takes away from the beauty of a vagina and makes it look more like an object.

Of course, not all women get rid of everything; some keep landing strips, others Doritos, and still others keep a thin reminder that, yes, there is a bush that is being kept under wraps.

But for the most part, rare is the vagina that is all funky and flower-power like. Nowadays, women don’t even do it for guys anymore, it’s simply ingrained into our culture.


  • alex

    Well I guess that depends on the guy’s preference. I know some who likes it clean, some who likes it the way it is, and even some who doesnt care.

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  • matthew

    i love it. the more the better

  • edward

    i love women with a full bush its natural and so so sexy.

  • rockohair

    It´s so exciting, I love women with thick pubic hair, that makes them look even hotter

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  • Pierre

    Pubic hair is erotic: ladies, don’t trim it, let it burst forth in all its glory!