Meet Nax, The Male Sex Doll

Meet Nax, the male sex doll

Meet Nax, the male sex doll

The Germans. Ah, the Germans. It seems they have created a real male sex doll for women and his name is Nax.

Not only is Nax going bald on top with a long flowing ponytail a la Michael Bolton circa the ‘90s, he also sports a pubic bush that would make a forest jealous.

Although the Germans describe Nax as “a giant of a man with athletic appeal”, it’s quite obvious that nary a woman would go near this hunk of plastic no matter how desperate she is for sex.

Nax - male sex doll chest

Nax - male sex doll chest

Not only do women have no need for a male sex doll, if they did, why on earth would they opt for one that is so damn ugly? I mean, it’s bad enough that some women have to settle for less in the dating game, but if they’re going to pay upwards of $10,000 for a sex doll, it better look more like Corbin Bleu and less like David Spade with long brown hair

Oh, and if you’re wondering, Nax isn’t always ready to go with a massive erection. Oh no, he has an “automatically soaring penis” and “artificial automatic ejaculation.” Now that sounds tempting.



  • HTuttle

    He’s probably rich.

  • Every Woman

    I think this may be the last sign of the apocolypse. Let the four horsemen ride.

  • Kitwilly

    I’d hit it!

  • Urinal Gum

    Maybe if I get the wife this, she will stop going to the swinger’s club.

  • Wet

    Just cut the pubic hair off and put a bag over it’s head and your good to go!

  • Jim

    Looks like Jerry Seinfeld with a pony tail.

  • Capri Seamist

    DUDE!! This is the best that you came up with when you have a longstanding reputation such as “Fine German Engineering”. to your countrys credit?!
    There is simply NO excuse for this horribly bad craftmanship. Unless it is going to be used for, lets say “Ve haf vays to mek you tawk!” scare tactics in a womens, or yes! a mens prison interrogation room. Heck, this thing couldn’t EVEN be considered a substitute for a conjugal visit .I dare not even imagine what Naxs’ business end looks like.
    It’s gotta be a hoax. And possibly an art project reject from a REALLY bad student. Nax gets a big fat ‘F’ , especially in the ‘F-ing’ catagory.
    I have seen a vinyl female head to to body suit dudes wear for kinky activities, & even THEY look better than this thing, inspite of being creepy crawly disturbing, Nax beats that. !