Meet Andy – Breathing Sex Doll

Meet Andy - breathing sex doll

Meet Andy - breathing sex doll

Andy is the latest in Android sex dolls that threatens to eliminate living, breathing, human women. Not by killing them with her eye laser technology; Andy is a sex doll that is adjustable which allows for myriad sex positions, a G-spot (for those of you who need practice finding it) and she comes equipped with a “heavy breathing” feature.

Referred to as a synthetic human, Andy promises to fulfill every sexual desire known to man for the very reasonable price of $3800. And yes, that is reasonable considering she’ll never talk back and you don’t ever have to return the sexual favors.

This isn’t your everyday, run of the mill sex doll; Andy is a breathing doll that will make you feel like there’s another human in the room, even when there isn’t.

The thing is, if one of your friends gets a hold of her, you will never know about it. She doesn’t kiss and tell.

And yes, I know that she’s staring into a telescope in the image above, but that was the only G-rated image I could find of her.


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    I would love to get my hands on one of these sex dolls just to try it out and see what it feels like!