Man Films Sex With Dog On Cell Phone

Man films sex with dog on cell phone

Man films sex with dog on cell phone

An Edinbirgh man filmed himself having sex with his dog on his cell phone. Then the idiot misplaced his phone.

John Kerr, 30, sexually abused his dog twice and filmed it both times. A friend of Kerr’s found the phone behind his couch after friends had come over that day. After rummaging through the cell phone to figure out who it belonged to, he found his then friend John Kerr having sex with his dog – twice.

His friend then contacted the person who gave John Kerr the dog, who then proceeded to call police. The dog was taken away to be assessed for injury, but vets found none. I guess it was consensual.

John Kerr told police that the video clips on his cell phone were the only two times he had ever touched the dog in a sexual way. Yeah, sure, I believe that.

John Kerr admitted that he had an “unnatural connection” with the dog and allowed the dog to lick his private parts. Wow, now that’s trust – allowing a canine to lick your penis and testicles, knowing that, at any moment, he could just chomp them off. They must have had a real connection.

Thus far, John Kerr has been released on bail.