It’s Humpday : Try This New Sex Position


What better way to spice up your Humpday (Wednesday) then to try out a new sex position in the bedroom! The work week can drag on and on and on, but if you’re spending Wednesdays getting freaky, you just might survive it. This week we’re starting off with a position that’s nice and simple, but has major passion potential.

You don’t have to be an acrobat to pull of the Rock n’ Roll, but it can keep you going all night long! It’s as good for pleasing a woman in bed as it is for rocking your man’s world. Plus, there’s no gymnastics needed which, after a long day at work, really aren’t all that fun. You can do this on the bed, on the couch, even on the floor! The angle lets guys get as deep as they want which, in turn, hits a bunch of good spots for women (and there’s the added bonus of clitoral stimulation when he’s grinding up on you).

Wherever you do it, there’s one thing that’s almost guaranteed:

Orgasms! Orgasms for everyone!


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