Impossible Sex Positions

Impossible sex positions

Impossible sex positions

Brittany over at decided that she needs some new sex positions to spice up her love life. Unfortunately, she consulted Cosmopolitan magazine and discovered that some of the sex positions she never tried are probably impossible to perform.

And while I think that the Standing Tiger/ Crouching Dragon and The Erotic End look like great positions, they aren’t exactly new in the DateDaily repertoire of sex positons.

There are others, though, that not only have terrible name (Erotic Accordion immediately springs to mind); they also tend to tinker on the realm of impossible. I mean to perform the Erotic Accordion, a man has to be hung like a horse or have thighs the size of paper.

And while the Passion Propellor gives a woman great access to a man’s G-spot, still I can’t imagine that kind of sexual gymnastics going over well in the bedroom.