German Women Have Bigger Breasts

German women have bigger breasts

German women have bigger breasts

First, we find out that German men are terrible in bed because they stink, and now we find out that German women have larger breasts than usual. This can’t be a coincidence.

A study of women’s body shapes was conducted and they found that women’s breasts are one whole inch larger than last year.

The survey also discovered that German women are even getting taller, with the average woman standing at 5’5”.

Experts (ah, gotta love those experts) believe that the breast augmentation is a result of a much fattier diet.

What’s worse is that the study also discovered that, not only do German men stink, they’re also fatter than ever before.

So for those men out there who are having a hard time getting some play, head over to Germany; the women have swollen breasts that are longing to be touched and they won’t sleep with the fat, stank German guys, so the level of competition is non-existent at best.


  • Pick Up Artists Blog

    Eh a real pick up artist can use any method, but this works well too – as long as the confidence is there.

  • sakinokia

    Do German woman have bigger busts? The biggest in Europe? How delightful!