Fantasizing is Cheating?

Fantasizing is cheating?

Fantasizing is cheating?

A survey reveals that 85% of women would dump their boyfriend if they found out that he was fantasizing about someone else during sex.

If that’s not bad enough, 98% of women thought that even the thought of another person during sex is considered cheating. 89% of men disagreed, and claimed that only the physical act constitutes cheating.

And of course, if asked, 100% of men would lie to their partners if asked if they were fantasizing about someone else during sex. Hmm, I wonder why?

As for women, 98% would lie and 2% would admit it.

To be honest, expecting that your partner thinks of no one else but you during sex is a pretty stupid thing to expect. We are constantly bombarded with sex everywhere we look and it’s natural that we have sexual fantasies about other people. That’s the nature of the beast.

Fantasies are healthy and should not be treated like disgusting little secrets. They’re fantasies; chances are they’ll never be realized. That’s why they’re called fantasies.

Another interesting find in the survey is that Angelina Jolie has still got it – 30% of men fantasize about her during sex. Almost 28% of women fantasize about Robert Pattinson.


  • Joy

    I’m with those women who consider fantasizing cheating because what you think shows exactly who you are. Thoughts tell more about you than your actions. So even if you don’t actually do it, the fact that you thought of doing it makes you unfaithful because the real you is the one who wants to have sex with another woman. That’s why the word hypocrite was invented. It means that you are not being true when you do something contrary to what you really are, and what you really are can be seen in the way you think. If you don’t have sex with other women but you think of doing it, then you’re a hypocrite. I don’t want a hypocrite partner. And why do men need to fantasize anyway? Aren’t their partners enough to keep them satisfied? If you’re fantasizing about another woman, then maybe you are with the wrong person.

  • Kass

    Finally! I know you wrote this 3 years ago but I totally agree with you!! Like I agree with everything. If you have to fantasize about other people than you obviously aren’t meant to be with that person. I’d hate to be with someone that’s bored with me and wants to cheat.