Couple Having Sex In Dumpster Get Robbed

Couple having sex dumpster get robbed

Couple having sex dumpster get robbed

Adding a new description to “dirty, raunchy sex,” a 44-year-old couple thought it would be kinky (and stinky) to engage in a little sex romp in a dumpster in Wichita, Kansas. Although this reeks of yeast infections, in fact, this is not the point of the story.

While the couple was having sex in the dumpster, a 64-year-old man and his 59-year-old buddy caught them in the middle of their romp (why all these people are wandering around dumpsters, we’ll never know), and proceeded to rob them.

The two geriatric men took the couples shoes, jewelry and the man’s wallet. I call them geriatric not because of their age, but because the police caught up with the evil doers within minutes and returned all the stuff to the couple.

No word on whether the couple was charged with dirty sex. I mean, I’ve heard of “I need to have you right here, right now,” but who the hell gets all hot and bothered around the smell of hot garbage?