Climax Too Fast and More

Sex Q&A - Climax too fast

Sex Q&A - Climax too fast

Climaxing too fast

Dear Angie,

When my girlfriend and I first started having sex, I was able to go for hours and hours. Now, a year has passed, and it seems that I can’t last more than 10 minutes. I don’t understand what happened. What gives?


Hi John,

In a new relationship, it’s normal that we want to impress our significant other. The way you would impress her is by lasting a long time in bed. The lovemaking was long and drawn out, and made her feel amazing.

As time progresses in a relationship, however, and you became comfortable with one another, many things begin to change. One of those things is usually sex.

It’s very possible that, back then, you would hold back your orgasm to ensure her pleasure, but after a year of doing so, you, too, want to surrender to your sensations and go for your own orgasm.

In short, after awhile, it became tiresome for you.

What you can do to get some time back is set up the evening for it by teasing her and giving her a long, drawn out session of sex. You can tease her by bringing her close to the brink and stopping abruptly, only to start up again a few moments later.

But to expect yourself to last for hours every time you have sex is a little exaggerated. You have to go easier on yourself; it’s tough to hold back when the feelings are so intense to orgasm.


White stuff down there

Hi Angie,

I have been dating my girl for about 2 months now. Recently, it was late at night at her place and I decided that I would give her a treat by going down on her for the first time.

Well, let me just say that it was unpleasant. It didn’t smell terrible, mind you, but there was this white, creamy stuff in her pubic hair and inside her lips that really made me queasy.

Needless to say, I didn’t even start the job, although I’m sure she was left feeling a little puzzled by my actions.

Can you please tell me what that stuff is and whether or not I should be worried?


Hi Gus,

What you’re describing is commonly referred to as “discharge.” It is completely normal, especially considering it’s odorless. All women have some kind of discharge and the amount of it increases when they near the ovulation phase of their cycle.

If a woman goes from morning to night without showering, you can bet that there will be some discharge on her underwear, that’s why it’s important for women to shower on a daily basis.

It’s not harmful in any way, but it would’ve been considerate of her to have the foresight to shower before she let you go down on her. Sure, it might put the mood on hold, but considering your reaction, I’m figuring you would’ve appreciated it.

Good luck,

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  • Xer

    I used to climax too fast as well, but then I began chilling out with my girl. I would spend more time focusing on her rather than my orgasm. I used to make her come like crazy and only then would I penetrate her. Yes, the sex itself still didn’t last too long, but at least she was satisfied.

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  • joe

    i want to know more about ways of sexing a lady very well

  • steve

    I have the problem of prematur ejaculation.This is very embarassing,but I cum sometimes on entrance and very rarely can last 5 minutes on occasion.I’m circumsized and I think it’s because there is so little skin at the head of my penis.I’ve tried the kegal practice,but done nothing.Can someone please help.Thanks.

  • Paula

    Angie, what’s your issue with Tanya or any adult using sex Toys?