The Short Guy Dilemma

The short guy dilemma

The short guy dilemma

Short guy dilemma

I’m 5’5” and because of my height, finding a woman is almost impossible. The shorter ones want tall guys and the taller ones want exceptionally tall guys, which leaves me in an impossible position.

Tell me, is it possible to find a woman who’s willing to date a shorter guy or am I pretty much screwed?


I hate to say it Taylor, but you are in a difficult situation. Too often, I hear women, both short and tall, saying that they don’t want short guys, so yeah, I get that you’re having a hard time.

The thing is, there is a woman out there for you, you just have to be patient in your search for her.

For now though, try sharpening your other assets, like intelligence, wit and humor. If you give off an insecure air because of your height, then that’s all that women will see. And insecurity in men is a much bigger turn off than vertical drawbacks.


Groups of women

Every time I go out alone, men approach me and I land myriad dates, but whenever I go out with my girlfriends, guys steer clear of me. Is it possible that my friends are making me unapproachable?

We don’t even go to clubs; we go out for dinner at nice restaurants, but every time I’m with them, no guys ever approach me. What are we doing wrong?


I hate to break it to you, but men are incredibly intimidated by approaching women in groups, especially if said women are very attractive. But more than that, it’s possible that you and your friends are giving off an “unapproachable” vibe.

The next time you ladies head out together, make eye contact with the men who interest you and be open and friendly with everyone, even the guys you have no interest in.

The point is to be welcoming, not intimidating. So if a guy you’re interested in isn’t approaching, catch his eye and smile. Before you know it, he’ll make his move. That’s what you’re doing when you’re alone, so why don’t you do that when you’re with the girls?


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  • Emily

    Dude, this is dumb. Just because some girls have a daddy fetish and need to feel dominated by a taller man doesn’t mean that all girls feel that way.

    Some of us are well-adjusted enough to feel that what we want is a partner, not a boss – someone we can look in the eye. And for these healthy, happy ladies, a man in the mid-fives is just what we’re looking for.

    My husband is 5’7″, and the love of my life. When we stand beside each other, we see eye to eye, like partners should be.

    And a real man is comfortable enough with himself not be intimidated when his girl is taller than him in heels. Who needs a superficial whine, anyway?

  • w7

    I’m 5’2, count yourself lucky.