Woman Arrested For Adultery

Woman arrested in Dubai for adultery

Woman arrested in Dubai for adultery

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have every significant other who cheated on you arrested for it? Well, it seems that Vincent Antia was well aware of the fact and so, he had his wife (from whom he was separated) arrested for infidelity.

Yup. Apparently, in Dubai, it’s illegal to be unfaithful and is punishable for up to 1 year by law. Now Sally Antia has been jailed and is awaiting trial.

43-year-old Antia, who hails originally from Hale, Merseyside in the UK, had been living with her husband and two girls, aged 11 and 13, in the emirate for 12 years, whilst working in the corporate entertainment industry.

Needless to say that Mrs. Antia is mortified that her husband is so pissed off that he’s willing to put the entire family in jeopardy by having her arrested. As it stands, her career may be on the line and her husband stands to gain custody of the two kids.

Of course, the British embassy is hella pissed about this and wants the UAE to change its policies because Antia is a grown woman who had sex with another consenting adult (the guy she cheated with is also in jail).

I guess cheating likely isn’t big on people’s to-do list in Dubai, considering they’d be thrown in jail with murderers and maniacs, all for giving in to their carnal desires.

Hopefully, Antia will make sure she’s familiar with the law the next time she decides to feed her impulses.

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