12-Year-Old Boy Becomes A Girl

12-year-old boy becomes a girl

12-year-old boy becomes a girl

A 12-year-old boy living in West Sussex has begun living as a girl and plans to become the youngest person ever to have a sex change operation.

The boy freaked other students out when he showed up to school wearing a dress and had his hair in pigtails.

What made the whole thing even stranger is that the school held an emergency assembly after the boy naturally became the target of bullies. Teachers then told all the students to treat him like a girl and refer to him by his new “girl” name.

Of course, parents of the “normal” children are all pissed off because they feel totally unprepared to deal with this. God forbid they’re honest with their children.

The kid knows what he wants and he wants to be a girl. It’s great to see a child so determined, but it’s those that surround him that will have a more difficult time understanding.

Soon, the child will undergo hormone therapy and then prepare to have a full sex change operation.


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