Petunia Johnson’s tell-all, confessional called “The Juice” is a collection of true stories based on real experiences Petunia has had throughout her journey to find “The One.”

With her raw and poignant style, Petunia moves her readers with her sometimes funny, sometimes heartbreaking dating stories on her journey to finding love.  From Montreal to New York City and back, it seems like Petunia has been through it all.  She writes about the challenge of dating a guy ten years her junior as well as when she was confronted with a racist date.  Nevertheless, in the face of adversity, Petunia always maintains her integrity and seems to stick to her belief that the right one will come along.  In her intro, she pays tribute to her girlfriends who have supported her through life’s challenges and mentions that the name “Petunia Johnson” was what, growing up, her best friend used to refer to her “most sacred, female part.”  Check out her story about what happened when she fell for her teenage crush later on in life and pay attention to the foreshadowing of a future heartbreak that we can’t wait to read about!

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