Just Guy Talk wants you to Just Swallow


If you’ve ever asked yourself ‘spit or swallow’ the answer is always swallow.

According to the fun and talkative bunch of guys down at Just Guy Talk Radio, the hottest thing any girl can do in bed is swallow. And frankly, I agree.

A while back we wrote an article about the “5 Things Men Secretly Want in Bed But are Too Afraid to Ask For” and it was a huge success. With hundreds of thousands of people turning to that article for advice, I figured it was time we update (or tone down) the list we’d originally created (which featured things like anal play and sex tapes).

Our new list, “5 Things Men Want in Bed” was more realistic and ‘do-able’ for most women, but it still shared some major male turn ons, one of which was swallowing.

After sharing our new article on Twitter the guys at Just Guy Talk Radio got in touch with us and invited me to chat with them on their show about the list we’d created.

But really they just waned to talk about one thing – swallowing.

I was the first of my group of girl friends to go down on a guy, so I didn’t really know what the normal thing to do during the climactic moment. So I just did what was natural – I kept going until he told me to stop.

Girls and guys orgasm differently, we all know that, but if you’re going down on me and I’m coming you better not go anywhere and I better not see you spitting up afterwards. It just seems disrespectful.

So I started swallowing whenever I went down on my boyfriend. I wasn’t put off by porn videos where the girl gets it in the face, because that seemed like too much of an act, and I never worried about the articles I read in Cosmo magazine that said semen was five calories and it’s better to just collect it in a Kleenex than swallow. Swallowing just seems like the right thing to do, yet for some reason too many girls aren’t open to it.

It’s not painful, it’s not embarrassing, and it’s not harmful. If anything it’s the best way to clean up the mess. And most of all, your guy wants it!

He doesn’t want to watch as you spit out his load, gagging like a sick drunk. He doesn’t want you to stop and finish him off with your hands either. So there’s just one course of action left ladies. Swallow.

If you don’t believe me, listen to Just Guy Talk Radio Thursday nights and call in. They’ll be more than happy to tell you some of their stories.

  • Smudge

    Good girl.

  • whitley

    I know this is an old post…but I for one swallow…at first I thought it was disgusting but you can look at it in all different views…for instance…. Sperm is good for you…it is low in calories and also helps whitening teeth! Look up the good things about digesting sperm and you will see thatost likely the food tlyoy ate at that fast food place was more disgusting to put in your mouth that that. I even go as far as the biblical way as well. It is better to put your seednin the belly of a whore than to spill them on the ground….I tell my husband…if you don’t want a baby cum… in my mouth lol he doesn’t argue so…no matter how you view it you will see it is good…but it depwnd s on your state of mind if you can handle the thought

  • whitley

    And girls think if a man was down on you and jump up and wiped his mouth of looking in disgust because you started to cum and he didnt want it in his mouth….it is hurtful…of you are there to pleasure him then do it all the way…not just what you want