Taking Prostitutes On Dates

Reporter Michael J Mooney tells of the time he took a hooker on a real date, to a bowling alley. For the full recount, see here.

But that’s not all, Mooney took a series of prostitutes out on real dates an interviewed them.

He took Sophie bowling and heard about the time she was kidnapped and held hostage for three days.

Midwestern Brittany agreed to a date of Mini Golf. She told Mooney about her dreams to work for the government and promptly left at the beginning of the 18th hole.

The mid-50′s year old, Mira met up with Mooney for ice cream. She worked in insurance her entire life, until she was recently fired. Her mother is sick and her credit is bad.


Overall, Mooney’s experience showed the underbelly of prostitution; real women working a very tough job.