8 Great Songs About Sex

8 great songs about sex

8 great songs about sex

Sex and music are synonymous, some people can’t even have sex without music, and many a musician has used sex as the inspiration for song. So it’s only fitting that songs about sex would surface by the millions.

But of the millions of songs, “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails comes rushing to my head, many of the more subtle songs about sex seems to leave a more lasting impression and won’t offend, say, a person who’s coming to your home for the first time and trying to make themselves a little more comfortable.

If you were to blast “Closer” they would certainly feel a touch awkward. Unless they were drunk; then you could pretty much play anything.

But I digress. Here now are some awesome and enduring songs about sex.

Great songs about sex #1

Let’s Get It On

Marvin Gaye

No one comes close to the sexual lyrics of Marvin Gaye and you know he’s singing it to some lucky lady that he was giving it to good at the time.

And yes, this song is absolutely perfect to use in those very intimate moments with the one you want to share yourself with. I know, that was hella cheesy, but hey, they can’t all be gems.

Best lyric: There’s nothing wrong with me, Loving you, baby no no, And giving yourself to me can never be wrong, If the love is true

Great songs about sex #2


The Cult

The Cult was huge in its heyday and they were awesome. “Rain” tells of a hot sticky scene, and we all know that when “hot” and “sticky” are used together in song, it’s usually not about Cinnabuns.

And although I cannot imagine anyone having sex to this music, I can easily picture a guy coming out of the shower and singing this into his bathroom mirror before a date in which he hopes to get laid.

Best lyric: Hot sticky scenes, you know what I mean, Like a desert sun that burns my skin, I’ve been waiting for her for so long, Open the sky and let her come down

Great songs about sex #3

Sexy love


Ne-Yo is one of the most underrated musical talents out there and his music is addictive to boot. “Sexy Love” is about a woman that he’s addicted to because the love they make is just so amazing that he can’t stop himself.

So if you find someone whose sex you’ve become addicted to, this song by Ne-Yo will make the perfect addition to your love making sessions. Thank me later.

Best lyric: And I erupt like a volcano and cover her with my nut, Baby girl you make me say (Oh oh oh), And I just can’t think (of anything else I’d rather do), Than to hear you sing (sing my name the way you do), When we do our thing (when we do the things we do)

Great songs about sex #4

Rock The Boat


This is the last music video Aaliyah made before she died in a plane crash, and although it was difficult for fans to watch, it was still a great song and a great video.

In this song, Aaliyah is telling her man what to do, how to do it and how often. It’s great to hear a woman giving a man directions in bed for a change.

Best lyric: Rock the boat, rock the boat, Work the middle, work the middle, Change positions, new positions, new positions, Stroke it for me, stroke it for me

Great songs about sex #5



One of the best stripper songs out there, Ginuwine really knows what rhythms and lyrics to use to get women to undress and grind their bodies.

It helps that Ginuwine himself is quite attractive, but add the voice and what he’s actually saying to the mix, and a guy could probably get a woman to do just about anything when he puts this track on the stereo.

Best lyric: If your horny, Let’s do it, Ride it, My Pony, My saddle’s waiting, Come and jump on it

Great songs about sex #6

Dip It Low

Christina Milian

This song is less about the singer having sex, and more about the singer teaching other women how to have sex with their man and keep him satisfied. Yes, another stripper favorite.

It works well because if a woman wants to learn how to ride a man and make him lose his mind, this song offers up some great tips. See below.

Best lyric: Dip it low, Pick it up slow, Roll it all around, Poke it out like your back broke, Pop, pop, pop that thing, I’m a show you how to make your man say “Oh!”

Great songs about sex #7

This City Never Sleeps


This song, made popular by 9½ Weeks, is about a woman who has so many sex partners that she doesn’t know who’s who and whether she’s coming or going.

This song leads Kim Basinger’s character to masturbate in the film, but you can definitely use it to share yourself with someone else.

Best lyric: You know there’s so many people living in this house, and I don’t even know their names.

Great songs about sex #8



In Madonna’s heyday, she knew how to shock the world with her sexual antics, but it’s pretty obvious that Madonna is a very sexual being and enjoys experimenting in bed.

And yes, there are plenty of other sex songs by Madonna (“Justify My Love” springs to mind), but this one was easily the best one ever.

Best lyric: If I’m in charge and I treat you like a child, Will you let yourself go wild, Let my mouth go where it wants to?

Best songs about sex

Feel free to let me know what I’ve left out. Sex songs are always welcome. Orgasms too.

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