6 Songs About Wanting A Man

Songs about wanting a man

Songs about wanting a man

I think just about every woman has been in a situation where she has wanted a man who either didn’t know she was alive or simply wasn’t interested.

And so what better way to let a man know that you want him than through song? Here, now, are 6 songs that send the very message.

Songs about wanting a man #1

Come To Me

Nicole Scherzinger
Nicole teamed up with Puff Daddy (not even sure if that’s the name he’s going by today) for her solo effort, and while she didn’t exactly burn up the charts, this song definitely kicked the groove up into high gear.

If there’s a man you desire but he’s not exactly sold on the idea of being with you, use this song to lure him and show him that you can be everything he needs, and then some.

Best lyric: I’m standing, been waiting, I’m yearning, I’m burning, get to know me, come and get to know me

Songs about wanting a man #2


The Cardigans
Ah yes, the cutest woman on earth asked a man to “love me, love me” and the world melted into her and fell in love. It’s easy to see why this song is constantly used to get the guy.

So if you’ve been dumped by a guy, or a man who once chased you has since stopped and you have since seen him for the awesome guy he is, this is the perfect song to get your message across.

Best lyric: Love me love me, I know that you need me, I can’t care about anything but you

Songs about wanting a man #3


Pussycat Dolls
Nicole and the girls hit it big with this song because, as we all know, most women think that they are the object of some taken man’s affection and that, if they acted on it, they could easily bed said man.

So it’s not difficult to understand why every woman in the club lips these lyrics with heart and dances as though she’s rubbing up against some imaginary pole.

So whether you do want a man who’s taken, or want to piss off some chick with a boyfriend, this song is perfect for all that.

Best lyric: Fight the feeling, Leave it alone, Cause if it ain’t love, It just ain’t enough to leave a happy home

Songs about wanting a man #4

Next Lifetime

Erykah Badu
This song is about a woman who is attached and meets a man – her soul mate – who is also married. And although they both know that they are meant to be with each other, they realize that they simply cannot destroy everything around them because of it.

Life is too short to get old and regret your decisions, but sometimes it’s best to let things die and be happy with what you have. But if you want to let a man know that he was meant for you, this is the perfect song to do it with.

Best lyric: Cause every time, I see you, I know just how strong, That my love is for my baby, But emotions just don’t lie, Well I know I’m a lot of woman, But not enough to divide the pie

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