7 Songs About The Ex Wanting You Back

Songs about the ex wanting you back

Songs about the ex wanting you back

Sometimes karma works in mysterious ways and the very person who dumped you ends up begging for you back. It is at these times when your ego will be sent soaring.

And so to commemorate these moments with some fine tunes to go with, here are some songs about the ex wanting you back. You can play them full blast in your car, at home, or even in front of their house if it makes you feel better.

Songs about the ex wanting you back #1

There You Go


Sometimes the ex shows up trying to win you back but acts like that’s not what they’re trying to do.

But when you call them on it and threaten to walk off if they don’t admit it, they finally do come clean, and then all you’re left with is a good laugh and great story to tell your friends.

Send to the one: Who played with your heart when you were together and learned how valuable you are too little too late.

Best lyric: Now when I say I’m through, I’m through, Basically, I’m through with you, Whatcha wanna say? Had to have it your way, had to play games, Now you’re beggin’ me to stay

Songs about the ex wanting you back #2


Alicia Keys

Other breakups involve one party acting all holier than thou and asking for all their stuff back, only to discover that once you’re gone, life just isn’t good anymore.

At this point, they pull out all the stops to get you back into their lives, but you know better. You know that once they realize you’re a sure thing once again, they’ll step all over you without missing a beat.

Send to the one: Who didn’t treat you very nicely and yet has no idea. What goes around comes around, baby.

Best lyric: What goes around comes around, What goes up must come down, Now who’s cryin’, desirin’ to come back to me?

Songs about the ex wanting you back #3

Ain’t It Funny (remix)

Jennifer Lopez

You dated someone who was constantly playing with your head and then dumped you. Now they suddenly show up and have taken a newfound interest in you once again. Isn’t that sweet?

Problem is, you have absolutely no desire to be with them again because you were smart enough to realize that you don’t need the drama in your life. Lesson learned.

Send to the one: Who’s sniffing around you door, trying to get with you again.

Best lyric: See it never had to be this way, You should’ve never played the games you played, Now I’m seein’ that you’re kind of lame, Knowin’ how the situation changed

Songs about the ex wanting you back #4

What About

Janet Jackson

A song that’s a whole lot more serious, Janet Jackson sings of abuse endured at the hands of a man, but abuse does occur the other way around too.

If you were ever with someone who knocked you around and then tried to make up for it by coming back and acting like nothing bad ever happened, you are best to run, not walk, away.

Send to the one: Whose hands will never touch you again.

Best lyric: What about the time you were ashamed of me? What about the time you said you didn’t f*ck her, she only gave you head?

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