7 Songs About Not Being Over Him

Songs about not being over him

Songs about not being over him

Whether you got dumped, dumped him, or just longed for him from afar, sometimes getting over a man is just near impossible. And for those days when you don’t feel like fighting the feeling, here are 7 songs about not being over him.

Turn it up and listen good.

Songs about not being over your ex #1


Shontelle is a relatively new singer on the scene, but that doesn’t mean she is immune to heartbreak. Although “T-shirt” is upbeat and will get your toes tapping, at the end of the day, it’s about a girl who has been dumped and would rather stay home and wear her ex-boyfriend’s t-shirt than go out with her friends and dance the night away.

Best lyric: I’m a step out of this lingerie, curl up in a ball with something Hanes, in bed I lay with nothing but your T-shirt on.

Songs about not being over your ex #2

Walk Away

Paula DeAnda
Paula DeAnda is young, yes, but this song definitely belongs on this list because she thinks about her ex boyfriend with his new girlfriend and wonders if they do all the same things that they used to do together.

Isn’t that always the case? No matter who dumps who, at some point we all sit back and wonder what they’re doing with their new girlfriend and think about how good we were together at times.

Then we remember why we broke up. There are usually myriad reasons.

Best lyric: I can’t explain this feeling, I think about it everyday, And even though we’ve moved on, It gets so hard to walk away

Songs about not being over your ex #3

Can’t Let Go

Mariah Carey
An oldie but goodie, “Can’t Let Go” is one of Mariah Carey’s best and most gut-wrenching songs. From the moment the song begins up until the last lyric, it’s obvious that even the best of us sometimes feel the worst pain after a breakup.

And when you’re the dumpee, it makes it that much harder to let go of the man you thought you were going to spend your life with.

And then watching him do all the things with her that he used to do with you only adds salt to the wound. Never easy.

Best lyric: Do you even realize the sorrow I have inside, Everyday of my life? Do you know the way it feels, When all you have just dies? I try and try to deny that I need you, But still you remain on my mind

Songs about not being over your ex #4

I Love You

Mary J Blige
In her heyday, Mary J. Blige put together some songs about heartbreak and heartache (remember “I’m Going Down”?), but none come close to the agony felt in “I Love You”.

The song is about a break up that results from the boyfriend not being able or willing to change his ways, and although she still loves him and always will, she knows that it’s time to move on, whether she remains alone or with someone else.

Either way, she won’t stop loving him.

Best lyric: When I found out that you were leaving me, I couldn’t sleep thinking about, All the things that we’ve been through

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    All these are great songs and videos no doubt but I also like a little blues to help get over my last love!

  • Dia

    I Miss You Love by Maria Mena, best line: “Remind why we decided this was for the best”

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    I just love Mary J Blige songs i think she is a great singer.

  • broken

    Why did i brake up? We werent perfect bit i cant go on without you!
    Its been almost 6 months and i still cant move on.