11 Best Songs About Cheating


Sometimes it’s really hard to confront your significant other about the sneaky suspicion you have that they might be cheating on you. So rather than call them out on it outright, you opt to send a message through song instead. And so, I offer you 11 of the best songs about cheating.

And one of these 11 songs about cheating is bound to fit the bill for what you want to say.

Best songs about cheating #1

Sleeping in my Bed

Dru Hill

If you have a deep underlying fear that your mate is stepping out on you and is so incredibly disrespectful that they’re doing it in the bed you share together, then this Dru Hill track is the perfect one to dedicate to them.

The only down side is that the song has an incredible dancy groove to it, so they might lose sight of what you’re hinting at and think that you are just trying to get them to shake their hips.

This cheating song is for: Use this song on a partner you think is cheating on you with someone you know, and then dance out of their life.

Best lyric: Now don’t try to tell me things are still the same, ’cause when we made love, I heard you call out his name

Best songs about cheating #2


Human League

An old school song of the ‘80s, Human League knew what they were talking about. The male/female singing drives the point home that we’re all just human, and sometimes, we all make the mistake of tripping over ourselves and landing, genitals first, on someone else.

The down side is that after the guy has finished confessing that he’s human and had cheated, his girlfriend confesses that she, too, is human. Ouch.

This cheating song is for: If you cheated on your significant other, but have a sneaking suspicion that they may have done the same, then this is the perfect song.

Best lyric: The tears I cry aren’t tears of pain, they’re only to hide my guilt and shame, I forgive you now I ask the same of you, while we were apart, I was human too

Best songs about cheating #3

Cry Me A River

Justin Timberlake

It is a well-founded truth that Justin Timberlake wrote this song for Britney Spears because she messed around behind his back while they were dating. Rumors abound that is was with Ben Affleck or one of her now-infamous backup dancers.

This cheating song is for: So if you’re dating someone you’re sure has cheated on you and you want to kick them to the proverbial curb, use this hot Justin Timberlake track to do it. They will definitely get the message, loud and clear.

Best lyric: You don’t have to say, what you did, I already know, I found out from him.

Best songs about cheating #4

Walkin’ in the Rain

Oran Juice Jones

Cheesy by most of today’s standards, Oran Juice Jones really nailed it with this song and its accompanying video. Yeah, so maybe his dancing and style is a little outdated, but dude, he saw her (and him) walking in the rain.

This cheating song is for: If you “take care” of the person you’re dating, financially or otherwise, this song is perfect to let them know that they can no longer feed off you and enjoy the fruit that someone else is providing.

Best lyric: Now shut your mouth because you’re cold busted.

Best songs about cheating #5

Careless Whisper


Ah, George Michael’s name is almost synonymous with “Careless Whisper”. Everyone remembers slow dancing at a high school dance to this song, not actually realizing that it was all about cheating.

This cheating song is for: This is for those of you who did the cheating and want to beg for forgiveness. There’s a good chance that you won’t get it, though. Not even George Michael can save you.

Best lyric: Time can never mend, the careless whispers of a good friend.

Best songs about cheating #6

Me & Mrs Jones

Billy Paul

A classic song that is still played at every restaurant I go to for dinner, Billy Paul knew what he was doing when he penned “Me and Mrs. Jones”. His voice and the rhythm come together so well to make the perfect song.

This cheating song is for: You can use this song to hint to your significant other that you might be thinking about straying. Or you can just use it to reminisce about the time you were the third wheel in a relationship.

Best lyric: We meet every day, at the same café, 6:30 and no one knows she’ll be there.

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  • B

    Justin Timberlake did not write ‘Cry me a River’. It was written by Arthur Hamilton in 1953. One of the first people to sing it was Ella Fitzgerald.

    Other good songs:

    Old Flame ~Alabama
    Foolish Games ~Jewel

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=590620658 Brianna Stilwell

    “Despite the big-time cursing in this song, it went mainstream because Eamon was just so hurt and angry that he managed to describe the pain that almost every person who has been cheated on has felt.”
    “F*** what I said, it don’t mean shit now, f*** the presents might as well throw them out, f*** all those kisses, they didn’t mean jack, f*** you, you ho, I don’t want you back.”

    Umm…I hate to break it to you, but swearing like that is the attempt of a feeble mind to express itself forcefully. That’s not describing anything, that’s just having a spaz attack. There are much better words to use.

  • faulknersaysrelax

    They’re completely different songs. Did you listen to it?