7 Best Player Movies Ever

Best player movies

Best player movies

Sometimes, certain movies make you feel like you want to be the main character – the player who gets the girls, plays the girls, and always remains cool. These are some of the best player movies.

Best player movies #1


There’s two kind of players out there; players who aren’t total chauvinists and players who are. Alfie is the latter. Alfie, cockney bastard that he is, can literally get any woman he wants – both in his Michael Caine and later Jude Law incarnation, Alfie is the man.

Hopping from woman to woman (or as he might say, “bird to bird”) Alfie puts the notches on his belt without the least bit of disregard for the birds that fall by the wayside – and there are many who fall by the wayside.

While Alfie may be blessed with the ultimate scoring ability, the downside to all this is that there is an emptiness within. After all is said and done and the girls have come and gone, Alfie really doesn’t know “what it’s all about.” Many a guy out there, however, will probably ignore this later aspect of Alfie’s personality in pursuit of the former. Consider yourself warned.

Best player movies #2

Star Wars

Only nerds want to be Luke Skywalker. Sure he’s cool, has the force and some mad light saber skills, but he’s missing a hand, has daddy issues and tends to whine a bit.

No, the real player of the original Star Wars trilogy is Han Solo. Why do guys want to be Han? Oh man, so many reasons. He flies around space, living the life with an awesome furry best buddy, never giving a damn who gets in his way (lest they be blasted to oblivion). He’s cooler, better looking and less neurotic than goody two shoes Luke.

And, in the end, Han Solo gets the princess (although, to be fair, it’d be pretty messed up if Luke were to “get” her). Played with great gusto by Harrison Ford, Han Solo embodies the spirit of adventure of the original Star Wars series. Plus, he gets crazy bonus points for surviving that whole frozen–in–carbonite incident.

Best player movies #3

James Bond franchise

The very fact that James Bond is alive and well, fighting crime more than 40 years after coming on to the scene, and without having an absolutely crippling STD from all of his sexual conquests, is astounding.

James Bond simply has the best of everything. He’s got the best pickup lines (does he travel with writers?), the best gadgets, the best cars and, of course, a license to kill.

Which guy out there doesn’t dream of putting a couple of rounds into the skull of the douchebag boyfriend of a girl he’s crushing on, only to turn to her and say, “Don’t worry, I have a license for that sort of thing… and he was a spy.”? Plus, there are all the added perks like free travel around the world, the innate ability to play a mean hand of cards and the best drinking skills in the world.

The only real choice is which Bond would you be? Would you go old school and be Sean Connery Bond? Or would you be Daniel Craig’s blonde Bond? Whatever you do, just avoid being the George Lazenby Bond.

Best player movies #4

American Gigolo

He’s paid to have sex with beautiful women. Do you really need anything more than that? In this 1980 thriller, Richard Gere lives the life working as a titular killer before he gets embroiled in a nasty murder case.

While it’s hard to imagine guys being fascinated by the murder aspect, it’s safe to say that there’s a fair number of guys out there who would definitely be able to pride themselves in their ability to pleasure women.

And as if the copious amounts of casual sex weren’t enough to seal the deal on its own, consider that Gere’s life of luxury is entirely funded by his sexcapades. So guys, if you can manage the life, go for it. Just stay away from the shadier characters.

Best player movies #5

Pirates of the Caribbean

Captain Jack Sparrow is many things: a pirate, undead, a fan of eye makeup. He also happens to be the biggest player on the seven seas. Johnny Depp famously channeled Keith Richards for the role of Captain Jack which went beyond an aesthetic approximation to include a mutual fondness for female conquests.

Remember that scene in the first film when Jack meats a slew of jilted former lovers in a saloon, each of whom slaps him until he concedes, “I may have deserved that one”? This is an unfortunate but true aspect of the life a player – a group of angry pirate ex-girlfriends, hungry for your blood. Well, maybe not necessarily the pirate thing.

Best player movies #6

Boogie Nights

Okay, so maybe Mark Wahlberg’s Dirk Diggler sort of falls into that same kind of professional player category as the above mentioned American Gigolo. He’s with the amount of women he’s with because he’s paid to be.

Granted, he’d probably be popular with the ladies regardless of his occupation and this is on account of the same reason that many guys would want to be Dirk Diggler… one very big reason.

When it comes to the sensitive issue of size, there isn’t a guy in the world who wouldn’t welcome another inch or two. Guys want to be Dirk Diggler not only because of the amount of women he gets, but for the very reason he gets the number of girls he gets.

Best player movies #7


Question: Who’s the black private dick that’s a sex machine to all the chicks? Answer: Shaft. Another question: Which guy wouldn’t want to be Shaft? The legendary blaxploitation star is the quintessential multi-talented player who manages to bag chicks left, right and center while being a successful private detective feared by his fellow man.

Also, imagine how many bonus points your game would have if you had your own theme song? About a million points? Your dammmmmn right.

Best player movies ever

Don’t agree with our choices? Feel free to suggest some flicks you think are the best player movies ever.

  • http://casualencounters.com/blog Alex

    I agree with all of the movies mentioned above. Men are such players by nature. Ways to go playas!

  • http://www.twitter.com/fragileheart fragileheart

    I love Alfie. Despite his player-ness I would still date him!