Do you know what a Sexual Surrogate is?

Have you heard of  sexual surrogates? I hadn’t.

As surrogate is not a sex worker, although in California they are classed as the same. A surrogate works with a sex therapist and a client, to futher the therapy with hands-on experience. If you’d like to know more, here is a great reference.

This year in the Sundance Film Festival, a film about sexual surrogates was screened. It is called The Surrogate, and it is about Mark O’Brien, a journalist with a defunct lung who loses his virginity to a sexual surrogate.

The Surrogate

If you can’t wait to see this inspiring and fascinating film, you’re in luck, because there is an orignal production of a documentary about and starring Mark O’Brien, made by  Jessica Yu, available online, called Breathing Lessons!

Watch Beathing Lessons on Snagfilms!