Aphrodisiac Dining: Best Date Ever or Too Weird?

te matare ramirez

Have you ever had one of those electrifying dinner dates where you were so aroused you could barely hold yourself together until the check came? What if you could package that feeling and sell if for dinner? Aphrodisiac dining claims to do just that – they serve food that is designed to heighten the senses and stimulate and they provide an atmosphere that is erotic and adventurous. But does it really work?

To some people, aphrodisiacs are like aromatherapy, astrology, and hypnosis – practices and beliefs that exist but aren’t entirely convincing. But there may be some substance behind it all.

After speaking with PDA Cuisine, an aphrodisiac catering company from LA, they assured us that only foods that are known to have natural chemicals in them that produce a biological effect on the body are used in their menu. Common examples include oysters and chocolate.


What makes them an aphrodisiac catering company is the fact that they accentuate those hormone enhancing foods and keep foods that detract from one’s sex drive off the menu. Essentially they claim to deliver “sexually performance enhancing foods.”

Heck, weddings are all about shacking up with someone sexy, so why not eat a few oysters from PDA cuisine to get the ball rolling. The problem is, it’s relatively hit or miss. If people don’t like the taste of the food, no matter how many hormone enhancing ingredients you pack in, they won’t be very “excited.”

In Montreal, Canada a new restaurant called “Atame” (which translates to ‘Tie Me Up’) just opened, and they try to eliminate that hit or miss problem.

Gaston Alberto, the owner of the restaurant, said that he wanted to create the hottest and sexiest date venue in the city. He did that with a combination of food, entertainment, and atmosphere.

The upscale restaurant featured chic décor and art and erotic and down right dirty dancing and readings. If the dishes don’t excite you, he’s betting the burlesque dancers will. But maybe watching an almost stripper in the middle of your dinner date is a turn off, especially on a first date. It just depends on the type of person you are. I’d love to see a half naked dancer while I eat, any kind of show gets me excited (even if not sexually) and that makes my night more exciting (in the sexy way).

Gaston claims that Atame is a restaurant, lounge, cabaret and art gallery all rolled into one – essentially appealing to everyone. But again, whether this is true is a matter of taste. So are aphrodisiac restaurants the best date idea ever, for some people they sure will be, but for others it’ll just be weird.


Personally, I think the white theme at Atame is a bit stifling, if I were to get aroused at an aphrodisiac restaurant I’d want deep dark colors and dim lights. Come to think of it, I think the sexiest place in the city is a restaurant called “O Noir” where customers eat in complete blackness, but I’ll save that for another blog post.

So what do you think, are aphrodisiac restaurants a fun kinky idea or do you think the whole thing is a bit presumptuous?

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