Top 10 Movie Sex Scenes

Movie sex scenes - Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke in 9 1/2 Weeks

Sex in movies is the stuff amazing fantasies are made of. Of course, whenever we try to mimic such scenarios, women end up with their hair caught under a man’s elbow or we let an undesirable noise escape from our bodies.

But there’s nothing quite like watching two beautiful people get wet and wild without consequence. This list was a tough one to make, as I was only allowed to choose 10, and while I’m certain that you may not agree with all my choices, you need to understand that if they got me hot and bothered, there’s no doubt you will feel a little tingle down there when you see them too.

That said, I present to you, the 10 hottest movie sex scenes to date.

Movie sex scenes #10


Kim Basinger & Mickey Rourke
When John (Rourke) meets Elizabeth (Basinger), an erotic relationship blossoms and lustful, almost dangerous sex ensues.

One day, John leaves Elizabeth alone in his house and, after a few hours, Elizabeth begins to rummage through his things, John calls and asks her if she’s been going through his stuff and she admits that she was. He hangs up on her.

When he shows up, he tells her to lift her skirt and bend over the table because he’s going to spank her. She becomes enraged with how he’s treating her and begins to beat him with her hands, at which point he lifts her up onto the table, lifts her skirt, rips off her underwear, and ravishes her.

Interesting fact: Director Adrian Lyne did not allow Basinger and Rourke to talk to each other off-set in order to keep their onscreen chemistry the way he wanted it.

Movie sex scenes #9


Sharon Stone & William Baldwin
When Carly Norris (Stone) moves into a new building where the tenants all know each other, she’s told that she resembles the woman who lived in her apartment before she moved in – a woman whom it was believed killed herself by jumping off the balcony.

Zeke Hawkins (Baldwin) owns the building and takes a serious liking to Carly and manages to seduce her. One night he invites her up to his apartment, but when she arrives, it is dark and she can’t find him. Right when Carly nears the pillar, Zeke sneaks up behind her and begins having breathless sex with her.

Interesting fact: The script originally called for full male frontal nudity, but William Baldwin changed his mind after the scenes had been shot

Movie sex scenes #8

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Jack Nicholson & Jessica Lange
Very married Cora Papadakis (Lange) and drifter Frank Chambers (Nicholson) begin a steamy love affair, resulting in a gory murder.

Of all the extremely graphic love scenes, one of the most memorable by far is when the two of them end up on Cora’s kitchen work table and engage in graphic, intense sex.

Interesting fact: Meryl Streep rejected the role of Cora.

Movie sex scenes #7


Kevin Costner & Madeleine Stowe
Michael Jay Cochran (Costner) leaves the navy after having served for 12 years, and all he knows is that he needs a holiday. He visits with shady businessman and friend Tiburon Mendez (Anthony Quinn) and meets his much younger and incredibly beautiful wife Mireya Mendez (Stowe). The two have an undeniable attraction for each other and, once they act on it, the consequences are dire.

In one scene, we see Michael and Mireya unable to control themselves at a party and they end up having sex against the door as he holds her thighs around his waist and pounds away.

Interesting fact: Kevin Costner executive produced the film.

Movie sex scenes #6

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt
John (Pitt) and Jane Smith (Jolie) are a bored married couple who don’t tell each other that they’re highly-skilled assassins. But when they’re both assigned the same job and cancel each other out, they’re assigned to kill each other.

After trying and trying to off each other in their own home and destroying everything in sight, the two let their passion take over and instead up having violent and very raunchy sex.

Interesting fact: Nicole Kidman was originally cast as Mrs. Smith.

Movie sex scenes #5

A History Of Violence

Viggo Mortensen & Maria Bello
Tom (Mortensen) and Edie Stall (Bello) live a quiet life in a suburban town when Tom is confronted by two thugs trying to rob his restaurant and ends up killing them both. A man from his past spots him on television and begins to torment the couple, and reveals Tom’s double-life.

The couple is at odds and, in a heated moment of anger, end up having wild sex on the wooden stairs of their home and while it’s quick and aggressive, it’s filled with passion and sensuality.

Interesting fact: Maria Bello’s had such bad bruises on her back from the sex scene that makeup was required to minimize it in one scene.

Movie sex scenes #4

Last Tango in Paris

Maria Schneider & Marlon Brando
While young, engaged Parisian Jeanne (Schneider) is looking for an apartment in Paris, she has a chance meeting with middle-aged American Paul (Brando) who is mourning his wife’s recent suicide. The two begin a torrid sexual affair and never learn each other’s names.

Before they ever speak, the two are scoping out an apartment and looking at each other every now and then. Suddenly, Paul grabs her, slams her against the wall and has fast, fierce sex with her.

Interesting fact: Marlon Brando ad-libbed the majority of his dialogue for the film.

Movie sex scenes #3

Summer of Sam

Mira Sorvino & John Leguizamo
Young, married couple Vinny (Leguizamo) and Dionna (Sorvino) do their best not to live in fear during the summer of 1977, when serial killer Sam Berkowitz was on the loose in New York.

While Vinny cheats on his wife constantly, she sits idly by and never says a word about it. One night, however, they end up at some stranger’s house, take acid and engage in a very erotic and psychedelic orgy. The aftermath ends up being too much for Vinny to handle (his good girl wife is suddenly a whore) and results in their breakup.

Interesting fact: A full 2 minutes of the orgy scene was cut out in order to get an R rating.

Movie sex scenes #2

Wild Orchid

Carre Otis & Mickey Rourke
When Emily Reed (Otis) is sent to Brazil to meet with American banker James Wheeler (Rourke) during Carnivale, what ensues is a host of kinky sexual games.

But when Wheeler finally gives in to his desire for Emily, the passionate lovemaking is long-lasting and breathtaking.

Interesting fact: Otis and Rourke were a real life couple and rumors abound that the sex scene is very real.

Movie sex scenes #1


Diane Lane & Olivier Martinez
Connie Summer (Lane) is a happily married woman who, on a very windy day in New York, has a chance meeting with Paul Martel (Martinez). When he gives her his number, she gives in to her curiosity and goes to see him.

When they’re about to have sex for the first time, Connie has a sudden change of heart and is struck by her guilt, but when Paul tells her, “Hit me. Hit me.”, and she does, so, the sex they end up having is very satisfying and incredibly erotic.

Interesting fact: Director Adrian Lyne had Diane Lane watch 1999’s Aimee & Jaguar in preparation for her first sex scene in the film.

Best movie sex scenes

So are you upset that Body of Evidence, Monster’s Ball or Original Sin didn’t make it? Well, I am, too, somewhat, but there was only room for 10, and there will always be time for more lists.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the sex gets even better on the big screen.



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