10 Things to Do with Your Ta-Tas

Not sure what to do with your boobs? I did some research and after reviewing an informative post from The Frisky, I thought I’d share what I learned.

In The Frisky’s article, 10 Things Women Do With Their Boobs That Drive Men Crazy, it is recommended that

your boobs should be working for you. No matter what.

“Whether your boobies are big, small, uneven, or heck, even singular, you can make them even more magical  by making them do tricks—sexy tricks.”

They recommend your boobs:

1.) Jump on the bed

2.) Press against glass

3.) Put on your lipstick

(remember the Breakfast Club?)

4.) Play Dress Up

5.)  “Cup Dip” …

There isn’t a final word on what cup dip means, but according to The Frisky, this is when your boobs should get very close to a face. Not sure about the cup.

6.) Twirl Tassels

7.) Are At The “Finish Line”… you know?

8.) Shimmy and Jiggle

9.) Hide Things

10.) Win A Wet T-Shirt Contest.

BONUS! 11.) Put your tits on this website.




What magic do you do with your ta-tas?

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