Women Base Choices On Looks

Women base choices on looks

Women base choices on looks

When it comes to choosing a house, 70% of women pick the house they want to buy the moment they walk into it, while only 62% of men do that. More often than not, men need to visit the house 2 or 3 times before committing, but women commit right away.

There is an upside to this; women know what they want right away and go right after it.

But there’s also a downside.

It’s as though women base their decision solely on looks and don’t consider the potential, or lack thereof, of a place. And this is exactly what many women do with men, as well.

Women tend to focus on the esthetics of something (or someone), and by the time they realize that the hot bad ass is a jerk off, they’re in too deep. And by the time they realize that the house they signed on the dotted line for has plumbing from the ‘20s, they’re knee deep in mortgage payments.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate surveyed 1,000 men and women to see how we differ in the home buying process, and they managed to prove that, indeed, women tend to make their decision way more quickly than men. Perhaps a touch too quickly. A real estate agent’s dream.

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  • http://datedaily.mate1.com Gina

    I know I go for mans look first, this is true for me.