Male Virgins Blame Women

Male virgins blame women

Male virgins blame women

Have you ever heard of “love shyness”? Well it’s the latest term that has been dubbed so by virgin men who are chronically shy. Some men who cannot befriend a woman, let alone kiss one and, gasp!, have sex with one, claim they suffer from “love shyness”.

So what brings on this “love shyness”? Well, according to one man (John), because men are the pursuers, the ones who are painfully shy just don’t have what it takes to approach women and get the conversation going.

This small group of men end up alone with no female companionship (we’re talking nothing – not even friendship) and suffer in silence because being shy is seen as a mainly feminine trait.

And considering there aren’t too many women out there doing the approaching, it’s not likely these guys will be getting laid anytime soon, either.

What makes it worse is that even if a woman did approach them, they’d probably fumble all over themselves and leave the woman feeling unwanted and rejected. They want her around; they are just way too shy to deal with the situation.

The thing is that most of these men seem to be shy only when it comes to women – they have normal lives otherwise, with male friends and good jobs. The only thing missing is a woman, any woman.

American professor  Brian Gilmartin was the first to dub chronic shyness in man as “love shyness” and his book Shyness and Love chronicles the symptoms.


  • dave

    Having worn the “loser” label for many years as a single man,30, never been kissed, never dated, I am headed to Thailand where a young lady is waiting to meet me.Since I know nothing about women,nor the kind of conversations you have with them (except on TV),it is going to be rough, but she is going to say “yes” when I
    ask for a dance (illegal here) and I will have a conversation with her in my arms.
    I was not good enough to play the game here, and I blame no one but myself for
    failure to turn into someone else or “man up” as they say.
    I wish luck to all of you.

  • DC

    May I say this article is non-sense, and a form of virgin-shaming! Not all male virgins are like that! Stop feeding people stereotypical garbage!