How to Read Minds!

Dating can be difficult, but if you knew what your potential lover was thinking, it would be so much easier. Here are 6  intimate details that you wouldn’t know without these 6 essential insights!

From, here are 6 intimate details you can tell just by looking at someone!

1.) Is She Interested In You?

Look at her feet!

People are generally good projecting their body language so that they only tell you what they wish to tell you. But if you want to know what a woman truthfully thinks of you, check out her feet. People are not as conscious of their feet. Their feet will give them away. You can read in detail from the study they did at University of Manchester, but basically, if a woman likes you, she will take on a stance that is wider. She will be more open-legged. If she isn’t into you, she will cross her legs, or tuck them under her body.

2.) How Does She Orgasm?

Watch the way she walks!

Woman can orgasm two ways, vaginally, or by clitoris stimulation. And if you want to know which way a woman orgasms, you can tell by the way she walks!

A group of sexologists from Universitie Catholique de Louvain, in Belgium, selected a group of women, half of which never had a vaginally orgasm and half of which had. They could tell with 81.25% accuracy if a woman had had a vaginal orgasm by the way she walked. If she had, the woman had longer stride length, a greater pelvic rotation and a relaxed, peppy, bouncy walk. It was loose and confident.

3.) Liberal or Conservative?

Take note of the eye contact.

If two people are having a conversation, and one of them is a liberal, when the other person glances at something in the distance,  the liberal will follow the other person’s gaze.

If the person is conservative, when you look away at something, they will continue to stare at you. Conservatives will never follow your gaze.

Liberals focus attention on “Gaze Cues,” Conservatives don’t.

4.)  Straight or Gay?

Take a gander at the hands.

University of California did a study about finger length.

Because the proportion of the length of your ring finger to your index finger is influenced by the amount of testosterone you were exposed to in the womb, men and women usually have different finger rations.

Commonly, men have longer ring fingers than index fingers and on average, women equal length ring fingers and index fingers.

So, if  a guy’s index finger and ring finger are uncommonly the same length, he might be gay. And if a woman’s ring finger is much longer than her index, she might be gay too.

5.) Do they have an affinity for drinking?

You can tell by the color of their eyes!

From a study done by Georgia State University, at a prison, with thousands of Caucasian men, it was found that men with light eye colors have a higher tolerance to alcohol than men with dark eyes. A similar study was done with women and the same results were concluded. If you have dark eyes, you are more sensitive to alcohol (and other stimuli, like medicine) and the sensitivity tells you when to say No More, Thank You.

6.) Are They RICH?

If they are distracted when you are talking, then yes, yes they are.

The University of California did a study on body language to distinguish between the rich and the poor. In pairs, participants were videotaped as they talked to each other in order to get to know each other better. The richer person of each pair  showed “disengagement.” They fidgeted, doodled, looked into the distance and generally didn’t care. The poorer person was more attentive and showed signs of listening, like nodding, smiling and eye contact. The scientists’ theory is that the richer person is generally less dependent on others, and doesn’t need to be invested in conversing with others.

Do you have any secret mind reading powers, insists on human behavior, or an experience where you were able to predict correctly about someone?

Tell us!

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  • Sydney Escorts

    Awesome! I didn’t know you could tell a person’s personality with the body language. Thanks for posting. :)

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    Very Interesting Entry. Especially the Liberal and Conservative tip. It’s new to me.