Are Men The New Women?

Are men the new women?

Are men the new women?

It seems that in the dating game nowadays, men are the new women. There was a time when men had a large set of balls that they used to aggressively pursue the women they wanted.

Now, however, rejection is a game that most men just don’t want to play. Instead of approaching women with a cocky attitude that is certain to get them laid, they waddle over, nervous and confused, or worse yet, shy, and mumble incoherently until the woman interrupts and rejects them with her hand in his face.

Why have men become the new women? Where are the men that take charge and eat machismo for breakfast?

Either way, methinks that women are the ones to blame for our newfound ball-less society.

The other day, I went to meet my girlfriend at her work to go for a late lunch – she’s a teacher in an elementary school. That’s where I noticed what has been happening.

Little girls are taught to be confident and strong while little boys are taught to put up and shut up. Perhaps because men have been at the forefront of everything for ages, women unknowingly treat men (and boys) like crap now.

And what do these boys and men do? They cower in a corner and wait for the rain to pass.

In what ways have men changed? How have men become the new women?

Ways men are the new women #1

Men are more sensitive

In a world where you have to be hard and play hard to survive, guys tend to be talking feelings and emotions like never before. And yes, even anger is an emotion.

I remember a past boyfriend who told me that I had “hurt his feelings” when I joked that he was a wuss for liking a specific slow song.

It’s women’s fault because: We are constantly telling men it’s okay to feel.

Ways men are the new women #2

Men aren’t as sexually aggressive

There was a time when I dated men who took the bull by the horns and would bang me well into next Tuesday, but nowadays men say stupid things like, “Sex is not that important.” Wha??!?!?

It’s women’s fault because: We have been calling men perverts for looking at our breasts when we wear low-cut shirts and for having the testosterone-driven drive God gave them.

Ways men are the new women #3

Men want to talk

What happened to the guys who rolled their eyes every time a woman said she wanted “to talk”? Nowadays men are the one who initiate the “let’s talk about where this is going” discussion.

It’s women’s fault because: We have been bitching and complaining that men never talk since we developed speech and now men are actually listening. And talking.

Ways men are the new women #4

Men cry

Now don’t get me wrong here; if a man’s mom passes away, let the flood gates open and cry your heart out – I’m there for you. But when a man cries because “*sniff* I just love you so much *sniff* I can’t lose you,” he loses me.

It’s women’s fault because: Women have hardened their hearts and become the pants-wearing, beer guzzling heartless ones. So it’s only fitting that someone has to be the sub in all this.

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  • Erich

    Reason #7 probably explain everything. There’s no point anymore in being strong and manly.

    > Give me a guy who is strong, confident, and not afraid of getting his hands dirty, and I will make him wait 3 months before having sex with him.


  • Robin

    And you have to ask also, are women becoming more like men? Women are becoming increasing independent and a lot of women seem to be doing a lot better than most men. I think having women rise through the ranks is intimidating to a lot of men. I make quite a bit of money in my profession, more money than most of the guys I’ve dated. It seems a lot of guys don’t like when a woman makes more than he does.

  • Dan

    Reasons #2 then #1 are the exact reasons why this is happening. As well as radical feminism versus non – radical feminism. The radical feminism which has become the norm in the United States is the primary cause for this trend. Men have been harshly criticized for engaging in manly behavior and therefore have adapted by being “weaker.” The solution will only occur when the non – radical feminists become louder then the radical feminists.

    I have no problem with a woman wanting a career, or wanting their spouse to share the at home duties, I also have no problem with treating a woman right and like she is a human being and not like she is a piece of trash.

    However, somewhere along the line the radical feminists that are “out for payback” became louder than the non – radical feminists, and as a result have created a society that demeans men if men assert themselves. Let me state one thing first there is a difference between asserting and standing up for yourself and being aggressive jerk. The radical feminists do not want a balance or somewhere near that they want to make men submissive and dependent on women for all the years it was the other way around. Which appears to be having some serious consenquences in more places than the dating world, we can see this in the economy, society in general.

    I’m secure with myself I don’t need to rely on a women. When I’m dating I look at a woman as someone who has the qualities of a friend in that there are similar personalities and likes as me but at the same time is someone that I care deeply about and would be fiercely loyal and trustworthy to and love.