Women Cheat More, Lie Better

Women cheat more, lie better

Women cheat more, lie better

It’s about time that someone actually figured out that, yes, women do cheat more often than men and are 100 times better at lying about it.

While men always had a reputation for being the cheaters, nowadays, it only makes sense that women are the ones doing all the cheating.

According to Dr. David Holmes, psdychologist at Manchester Metropolitan University, women are cheating like crazy, even though it seems that men are still winning at the game. Almost 20% of men cheat and bit over 15% of women cheat.

The big difference lies in the behavior: women can carry on an affair and live their normal lives without anyone knowing, whereas men always do something stupid like use their credit cards for hotel stays and get caught in a flash.

That’s why I think that even the figures are skewed; women lie about affairs all the time so why would they ever admit they’re having one to a survey?

In the days when it was almost considered normal for men to have a mistress, men worked, women stayed home and secretaries were the woman of choice for affairs. But now, many married women are working and they are surrounded by men – men who would be more than willing to have sex with them.

And let’s face it; when it comes to extra-marital sex, more often than not, women have a host of options whereas men tend to have “Monica Lewinsky”.

So it’s only fitting that the numbers are changing and women are the ones who have been humping around.

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