Why Cougar Town Sucks

Why Cougar Town sucks

Why Cougar Town sucks

For those of you who watched the premiere of Cougar Town on ABC on Wednesday September 23, 2009, and enjoyed it, I’m here to tell you that it sucked. Cougar Town sucks eggs.

Cougar Town is a show that is written by a bunch of overweight 40-something women (although they would have us believe that Bill Lawrence and Kevin Biegel are the actual writers) who think that talking about oral sex during prime time is risqué. You know what’s risqué? Trying to pass Courteney Cox off as a woman who is not very attractive and hasn’t had any work done.

There was no build up of relationships, her love interest is so obvious (the neighbor, Grayson, who just separated from his wife and sleeps with 20-year-olds), and for some reason, Courteney Cox seems to have left her acting skills back at the plastic surgeon’s office.

And if all that isn’t bad enough, she has a teenage son who she seems to treat like a potential boyfriend. It’s just creepy.

And her neighbor and best friend (played by Christa Miller, who has also put so much Botox in her face that she can barely move it) talks about sex with her husband like it’s so disgusting and torturous. It’s just sad, really.

The show is awful and hopefully gets taken off the air very soon. There are only so many oral sex and cougar jokes I can handle per week.

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