Top 10 Ways Women Turn Men Off

Ways women turn men off

Ways women turn men off

When it comes to the things that turn women off about men, the list sometimes goes on and on without end. Of course, when men are asked the same question about what turns them off, the list also becomes long and tawdry.

So after surveying 124 men regarding what they foresee as the biggest turnoffs with the women they date, the following 10 had the biggest impact on them.

Read on to find out the ways women turn men off and take heed, ladies, this is your chance to make a potential breakup turn into a long-term relationship instead.

Ways women turn men off

10- Knocking his friends

What is the deal with women always hating on their boyfriends’ friends? Perhaps you’re right; Jim is a prick who probably has an STD as we speak, but don’t you realize that when you badmouth his friends, you’re essentially badmouthing him?

Despite your opinions regarding his friends and their habits, bite your tongue and be as pleasant to them as possible. They are his friends and you need to respect that.

Ways women turn men off

9- Gossiping about sh*t men don’t care about

The fact that Liz told Gina that Sarah thought that Arianne needed to lose 10 pounds and now she’s all pissed off about it because no one told her for a week is really of no relevance to him and he truly could not care less.

Guys get that you want to fill them in on every aspect of their lives, but in al honesty, some things really are better left unsaid. Unless it’s about sex or it immediately affects them, keep your gossip between you and your girlfriends.

Ways women turn men off

8- Being indecisive

You drag him to go shopping with you then you spend over an hour debating between which dress you want more or looks better. Holy sh*t girl, decide and be done with it.

If you have issues with making decisions and sticking to them, you can bet that there’s a guy in your life who finds this incredibly annoying. Women don’t like indecisive men, but here’s a newsflash for you; men don’t like indecisive women, either.

Ways women turn men off

7- The “nothing’s wrong” lyric

You know it, we know it, something is definitely wrong. So tell us what we did wrong because we’re not kidding when we say we have no idea.

Women get angry on principles, guys get angry because you do blatant things like flirt with our friends. We don’t know that the way we say something will offend you.

So open up, tell us why you’re upset and lets figure it out and move on.

Ways women turn men off

6- Having bad hygiene

It doesn’t matter if you’re dating for 3 months or 3 years, “never” is a good time to start getting so comfortable that you start to emit an odor.

Guys are taught that women just don’t smell. They don’t. They take good care of themselves and have great hygiene habits that men can take a lesson from.

Please, don’t ever get so comfortable that you think it’s okay to have that “not so fresh” feeling. It’s not okay. Ever.

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  • Tina T

    I agree with all of these, especially not complaining and not talking about stuff that men don’t care about. These are perfectly examples of things that are best talked about with your female friends, not your boyfriend.

  • Danielle

    I think what you meant to say is: “be a 50s housewife stereotype”. Let me guess, Samantha from Bewitched is your model? One really shouldn’t have any interests or personality apparently. Just keep smiling and shut your mouth, look good of course, and you’ll do very well. Where did you find these men? The local strip club? Any ladies reading this article, if your partner believes any of this dump him and find someone better. My boyfriend is nothing like this, and neither are any of my male friends. That said, I don’t hang around misogynists, like Trevor.

  • jimbo

    The biggest turnoff about womenn is that they are women.

  • Plum Gurly

    To a gay man or a sexist that doesn’t value women.

  • Plum Gurly

    Do you have any tips for women who actually *want* to spend their entire lives alone and not be disrespected by men hitting on them or approaching them in public for sex?

  • Plum Gurly

    On being a slob, why do people feel they have to clean things at all? Why not a man and a woman who cares about real things, not how clean things are? People who obsess about how a room looks really are superficial and only want to please others. The purpose of living is to please yourself.