Most Affordable Cities For Dating

Most affordable cities for dating

Most affordable cities for dating

With the economy on the frontlines lately, it seemed only fitting that popular dating website sought out the most affordable city to date in.

Seeking to find cities that won’t break the bank when it comes to romantic dates, discovered that Pittsburgh is the most affordable, coming in at $77.80 for dinner and a movie.

As for the most expensive city on the list, Los Angeles takes the cake, coming in last at $126.06 for the same thing.

The rest of the top 10 winners on the list are:

2- Detroit
3- Sacramento, CA
4- Phoenix
5- Indianapolis
6- St. Louis
7- Tampa – St. Petersburg, FL
8- Orlando – Daytona Beach, FL
9- Houston
10- Charlotte, NC

While it was a valiant effort on’s part for trying to find the most affordable dating cities, I can tell you now, with certainty, that any city that has hot weather and a beach can easily win the lot because not only is that type of date free, it’s romantic and fun.

The movie and dinner is typical, yes, but oh so boring. Give me a guy who can show up with swim shorts, a towel, a couple of sandwiches and a six packs (abs, not beer) and we’re talking sex on the first date, I tell