Top 10 First Date Meals

Top 10 first date meals

Top 10 first date meals

Going out for a meal, usually dinner, is standard first date fare. Of course it is – a chance to talk, an easy out after the meal is finished, and public enough to avoid all creepiness. You’ve put the time into thinking about how you’ll look, how you’ll smell, and what you’ll say – but have you considered what you’ll order?

There are good meals to order on a first date, and there are bad. What you order (not to mention, how you eat it) is an important part of the impression you’ll be making on your potential-significant-other.

A first date is the initial screening process, and no matter how lightly you intend to take it, it’ll still be lingering in your mind that the person slurping their soup across the table from you could be slurping the same way 20 years from now.

You don’t want to look like a grunting pig, but you also want to avoid resembling an anorexic sparrow, so make your choice carefully. Make a good first impression and order food that will maximize your bonding time.

First date meals #10

Off the table d’hôte

Not only does it show culinary sophistication, it shows that you’re neither picky nor high maintenance. Also – as it usually includes a starter, dessert and coffee – it’s practical and you’ll minimize interruptions from waiters. The Table D’Hôte is also a great chance to try out the specialities of a restaurant, and is usually a good deal.

It says: I enjoy having the details taken care of by a highly qualified professional.
Warning: If your partner doesn’t order of the Table d’Hôte, they may feel obliged to order a dessert when yours comes.

First date meals #9

A shared fondue or fajita dish

Nothing like playing with your food to show off your light-hearted spirit, and giggling over lost bread chunks is a great way to have a memorable and enjoyable meal with someone new. This is interactive eating – just be sure to remove any rings you may be wearing ahead of time.

It says: I’m here to have a good time with you! Let’s not take ourselves too seriously. And hands off my broccoli!
Warning: These can be messy, and blood may be spilled over the last tiger shrimp.

First date meals #8


An entire meal of appetizers? Spanish appetizers? Absolutamente. Not only are these hot and cold dishes exotic and delicious, but they require less of your attention than a full meal plunked in front of you, leaving your mind free to concentrate on your dinner partner.

This is also excellent if you tend to feel nervous eating around new people – olive spread and hummus are way less of a commitment than a lobster or a steak.

It says: I value diversity in eating as in life.
Warning: It’s really, really easy to drink too much wine over tapas.

First date meals #7


Apart from being tasty and really good for you, sushi comes in a huge variety of forms and flavors. It’s still exotic and modern – but there are options for even the pickiest of palates. Not into raw fish? Have some fresh and delicious cucumber and avocado rolls or deep-fried tempura shrimp.

Also, sushi restaurants are generally clean, elegant, and have a minimum of screaming 5-year-olds.

It says: I have excellent manual dexterity and an adventure seeking nature.
Warning: Two words: Fish breath.

First date meals #6

Cobb salad

A little retro, a little quirky, and full of all the good stuff you want in a meal. You’ve got your veggies, you’ve got your protein and you’ve got your cheesy goodness. It’s ordering a salad for dinner without looking like a nervous 17-year-old.

It says: I’m a traditionalist. What was good enough for my folks is good enough for me. And aren’t those itty-bitty corn on the cobs cute?
Warning: If the eggs aren’t pre-sliced, eating them neatly can be a challenge, and you may wind up with yolk crumbs on your blazer.

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    Good list, but I like watching a girl get messy when she eats. I like seeing her eat with her hands. It turns me on.

    But I don’t like watching fat chicks eat.