Top 10 Reasons To Dump Your Mate

Top 10 reasons to dump your mate

Top 10 reasons to dump your mate

You’ve been dating them for what seems like a lifetime and yet, you feel like you’re not getting happier with time, but rather more and more anxious about the relationship. More often than not, you’re frustrated by this person you still call a significant other and are pondering the idea of going the single route again. You want to dump your mate.

You can probably come up with a bunch of reasons to dump your mate but somehow need reassurance that you’re making the right move before you do finally show them the door.

Well, if you need some reasons to dump your mate before you wake up one day to discover you let your life pass you by while keeping yourself in a mediocre, if not miserable, relationship, here they are.

Reasons to dump your mate #10

They’re not loyal

It’s bad enough they never take your side when you tell them about arguments you’ve had with other people or situations at work, but what’s worse is that they don’t stand by you when you’re in public, either.

If you’re talking among friends and give your opinion about something, they’ll disagree with you in front of everyone and argue the other side. What’s worse is that they do it so often that you have a sneaking suspicion that they’re arguing with you just to argue, and not because they feel passionate about the topic at hand.

Reasons to dump your mate #9

They’re abusive

If anyone ever raises their hand to you, you dump them – there’s no two ways about it. But while your mate has never struck you with their hand, their sharp tongue does a pretty good share of damage.

When they’re in a bad mood, they insult and belittle you. When you argue, they swear at you and call you names. Not only should this behavior be totally unacceptable; you should never let anyone, let alone your significant other, talk to you or demean you in this way.

If the two of you typically fight this way, where they swear at you and you swear at them, you still need to leave because this is not the way a healthy relationship works. Respect for each other is a top priority, and it’s obvious that, if you fight this way, you don’t have any for each other.

Reasons to dump your mate #8

They salivate over others

Men and women will check out the opposite sex; that will never change. But if your mate stares at the opposite sex and snickers every time a hottie walks by, then they’re a jackass.

What’s their point? Are they trying to piss you off or are they genuinely horny for these other people? No matter the answer, such blatant disrespect is unacceptable and you should give them their walking papers.

Reasons to dump your mate #7

They make you miserable

You find yourself becoming sadder and sadder with each passing day. Having this person in your life has taken its toll and you’re beginning to fall into a deep depression.

Whether they’re insulting you, ignoring you or belittling you, the fact of the matter is that if your mate is making you miserable and being in their company is doing nothing for your morale, why the hell are you sticking around?

Reasons to dump your mate #6

They eye your friends

They talk about your friend as though they’re ready to pounce on them the moment the two of you break up. In fact, they even flirt with them in front of you. Luckily, your friend has class and ignores their antics.

Why would you want to be with anyone who treats you like the runner up and goes after the prize? Even if your friend is hot, they should respect both you and them and know their limits.

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  • Erich

    The text for reason 2 sounds like a good way to make your own life miserable. “In this case, you don’t need proof. The fact that you feel strongly enough that they cheated should warrant your choice to leave.”