Top 10 Signs He’s A Long Term Boyfriend

Top 10 signs he's a long term boyfriend

Top 10 signs he's a long term boyfriend

There are men who make great temporary mates, but every once in a while a guy comes along that makes your head spin and your heart do all that mushy stuff. Considering you’ve been hurt so many times, however, what’s to say that he’s really long term boyfriend material?

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide who’s right for you, but if you’re looking for signs regarding whether or not he can make it as your long term boyfriend, here are 10 great ones.

Long term boyfriend sign #10

He remembers the little things

From exactly how you like your coffee to your desire to find another Raggedy Ann doll, he brings these things up in your conversations because he actually listens to everything you say.

And not only is he paying attention; he’s trying to find ways to realize your desires.

Long term boyfriend sign #9

He tells you why he can’t accept cheating

When you have in-depth conversations about relationships, he says a lot of things that you want to hear. It’s when he talks about loyalty, however, that you really begin to appreciate him.

He refers to third parties trying to interfere in the relationship as parasites and goes on and on about how unforgivable cheating is. He makes it clear that that type of betrayal is unacceptable, which puts your mind at ease.

Long term boyfriend sign #8

He’s a family man

He’s tight with his own family and cherishes his mom in a healthy way. When it comes to weekends, he’d prefer to hang out with family rather than party up a storm with his friends.

This behavior is indicative of what he foresees in his own future. A man who loves family wants to start one of his own and there’s nothing sexier than a family man.

Long term boyfriend sign #7

He makes you laugh

It’s like any other night and the two of you are watching TV in the living room when all of a sudden, he makes a comment about what you’re watching that’s so funny that you spit out your wine.

So when the passion starts to wane somewhat or you’re down in the dumps, this is the man you want to have by your side, making you laugh for all your days.

Long term boyfriend sign #6

He drops everything when you need him

If he’s standing atop a mountain getting set to paraglide and you call, crying, and tell him that your dog just died, he’ll hop into his car and make his way to you as quickly as he can.

He’s your rock, your safety net, the one you can rely on when the chips are down. When your man becomes your sanctuary, you know you’ve hit the jackpot.

Long term boyfriend sign #5

He can make you orgasm, in multiples

You’ve been with a few guys and some were hits and some were misses, but this guy hits a grand slam every time. He’s attentive, takes his time with your body and makes you feel like you’re the sexiest woman on Earth when he makes love to you.

The two of you are like a hand and a glove that fit perfectly into one another. And while some nights are gentle and sweet, others are rough and animalistic. It’s always something new when the two of you have sex.

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