Top 10 Perfect Girlfriend Traits

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What do men want from women? That is the question most often asked by women, and for good reason. As simple as men claim to be, it seems that even the most perfect girlfriend is sometimes not good enough.

So I hit the streets and asked some strange men, along with some friends and even ex-boyfriends, the big question: What are some perfect girlfriend traits? Let’s see if you fall into the majority.

All jokes aside (double Ds were mentioned alongside 24-hour fellatio on-demand), here are the top 10 perfect girlfriend traits (and if a woman is this perfect, she’ll probably become the wife).

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Perfect girlfriend traits #10

Feminine, but not weak

If a man is expected to behave like a gentleman, then it is only fitting that he has a lady by his side. She walks with her hips, she speaks with a low tone and she doesn’t curse.

But then, she doesn’t cry if she breaks a nail nor does she behave like a weakling when it’s time to go mountain biking.

All in all, the perfect girlfriend carries herself like a pretty flower but doesn’t have a problem getting sweaty and dirty when the occasion calls for it.

Perfect girlfriend traits #9


A little harmless jealousy is okay and even welcomed by most guys, but the last thing any man wants is an insecure woman who is always making accusatory comments when they’re out in public.

She doesn’t mind when he checks out other girls and she even joins in on the admiration. A perfect girlfriend knows that she’s awesome and that if he messed around, it would be his loss.

Perfect girlfriend traits #8

Low maintenance, but doesn’t look it

When she dresses up, this perfect girlfriend can cause traffic accidents. Her hair always looks great and it looks like she spends all morning preparing to leave the house.

But the beauty of it all is that it doesn’t take her more than a few minutes to get ready. She looks like a million bucks in no more than 10 minutes and her man can really appreciate that about her.

It doesn’t have to cost him $3,000 to make sure that her nails, hair, and grooming is done monthly. She takes care of herself on her own time, with her own money, and it doesn’t get in the way of everyday living.

Perfect girlfriend traits #7


Men were clear that they didn’t want a solely domestic woman; they appreciate women who work and take care of themselves, but they thought it was important that she know how to cook.

Why? Well, it wasn’t even about his stomach or that old adage, it was the fact that if a woman doesn’t know how to cook, that would mean that she eats out all the time, which would mean that she likely doesn’t eat very healthily, nor will she know how to feed children, should they have any together.

The men surveyed didn’t mention five-course meals or anything extravagant, but they did point out that the majority of women they had dated didn’t even know how to boil pasta.

Perfect girlfriend traits #6

Financially independent

Men fear being taken to the cleaners more than anything else. If they meet a woman who’s unemployed and uneducated, but has extravagant plans for the future, they run in the other direction.

Men don’t want a woman to support them, but they do want a woman who can support herself without the goal of one day depending on a man to pay her way through life.

Perfect girlfriend traits #5

Desire & good in bed

The perfect girlfriend checks out her boyfriend’s as* every now and then, and she lets him know that she likes what she sees. She also initiates sex, which reveals that she has a high desirability for her man.

If that weren’t enough, the perfect girlfriend also knows how to handle his body. She can make sweet love just as easily as she can skank it up and assume the doggy position. Essentially, every sexual experience leaves a lasting impression.

Perfect girlfriend traits #4


The last thing any guy wants in a woman is a cranky, crabby, unhappy woman who whines and complains all the time. This is the kind of woman that men tend to avoid because they don’t ever want to come home to that.

A genuinely happy woman can easily make those around her feel happy, and she emits positive vibes that are contagious.

Perfect girlfriend traits #3

Smart & witty

The perfect girlfriend has had some level of higher education – especially if he has one. This opens doors to more stimulating conversations in the way of general knowledge and the world around her.

And a good education is usually coupled with a witty personality. She doesn’t have to be Sarah Silverman by any means, but witty comebacks and opinions are always appreciated.

Perfect girlfriend traits #2

Beautiful & fit

Most guys admit that the first thing that attracts them to a woman is her face and body. But this doesn’t mean she has to rush out to a plastic surgeon to look hotter.

Physical fitness tells a man that she takes care of yourself and, if they had children together, they would lead a healthy lifestyle as well.

As for face beauty, most guys admitted that, usually, when they meet a girl through a friend and she’s cool personality-wise, they end up finding her physically attractive based on that, even if they didn’t initially.

Perfect girlfriend traits #1


Not only does loyalty involve not cheating, it also means taking his side in public, even when she thinks he’s wrong. A perfect girlfriend would never badmouth her man, nor would she make fun of him in front of his friends.

As well, if he asked her to stop talking to Jim at work because it sounds like he’s trying to make a move on her, she wouldn’t argue with him about how jealous and insecure he is. She would hear him out and respect his point of view, and slowly faze Jim out of her lunch hour.

Perfect girlfriend traits

So, how does she fare? Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list, but most guys would agree that if a woman has all of the above traits, she’s probably already married.

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    This was good, I know it can be tough for men to find those simple traits you posted about what men want. I think too many peopl are focusing on everything at one time and judging the moment one trait appears to not be there in her.

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