Top 10 Things Women Want In Men

Things women want in men

Things women want in men

In a time of sky-rocketing divorce rates, open relationships and reality TV, it can be baffling to figure out just what women are looking for in men these days. Poor guys are getting mixed signals from every angle.

Movies and TV shows tell them they should be macho and tough, but then other movies and TV shows tells them that sensitive and well groomed is in. Red is the new black! Spring is the new summer! What’s a boy to do?

If it makes you feel any better, most women are just as confused about it as you are. We think it’s proper to want great sensitivity and a knack for interior decorating in our man – but somehow that doesn’t quite cut it.

Whatever you hear, read, see or have yelled at you from the living room, you can rest assured that the following top 10 things women want in men are as true as they are tried.

Things women want in men #10


We all know that money isn’t everything, but a man in a relationship needs to at least be able to take care of himself financially. No woman looks for a dependent along with a boyfriend, so make sure that you’ve got your financial ducks in a row before you go seeking the love of your life.
Signs you’ve got it: Clothes that fit well, and a decent watch, shoes and aftershave.

Things women want in men #9


Okay, it’s a little trite, and maybe even a little passé, but toss your lady-love a present every now and then. You’re not buying love, you’re demonstrating devotion. Thriftiness is a great quality to have, especially in these trying economic times, but don’t take it to extremes when you’re trying to get the girl.
Signs you’ve got it: You’re a great tipper, you don’t whip out a calculator when you go out for dinner with another couple.

Things women want in men #8


You don’t have to look like Ah-nold to capture a lady’s interest, but you should at least be aware of your appearance and put some effort into it. If you can’t take care of yourself, how are you supposed to take care of a woman? Beer guts – out (were they ever really in?) It may seem superficial, but you know what? Who cares? We want guys we can show off to our girlfriends. And exes.
Signs you’ve got it: This one’s pretty obvious. You’ve got it if she can’t help imagining him naked and covered with oil, lifting heavy objects.

Things women want in men #7


There’s something about a man who walks into a room like he owns it. Who nods knowingly at the bouncers and bartenders. Who is the master of his own universe.
Signs you’ve got it: It’s all in the walk; shoulders back and easy strides, and just the merest hint of leading with the pelvis. Very mere, mind you.

Things women want in men #6

A good sense of humor

If all else fails, but you can make a girl laugh, you’re set. You can be dirt broke, endowed like a field mouse and have a face only a mother could love, but if you can have a girl rolling on the floor, tears streaming out of her eyes, clutching her belly for deal life laughing, you can be number one in her book.
Signs you’ve got it: Your friends are always bursting out laughing when you’re together, sometimes just the way you say something makes women giggle.

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  • 4incher

    LOL! What a bunch of bull and immature crap. The writer is talking about very immature women or high school girls. Writer shows her lack of self esteem. My advice is to get a real woman and some confidence. The women mentioned above would make your life a living hell anyway. They’ll drive you unhappy. You never know what they want.

    Get a real woman. There are millions of them out there waiting for you, short, ugly and with small thing. This article is all teenage, high school mentality crap.

  • Omar

    I totaly agree with those 10 things..
    It’s the least thing to do to the girl u love..
    i just like to add one more ” notice the new things in her ,new color ,new hair cut , etc. and admire that ” coz it makes u really caring.

  • Brian Pinto.

    Makes sense to me, mostly….in fact really no different than guys …!!!

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