How To Reject A Second Date

Is there a nice way to say "no" to a second date?

Is there a nice way to say "no" to a second date?

When it comes to second dates, most guys don’t know exactly how to go about telling a woman that it’s not going to work and tend to end off with something like, “I’ll call you” or “Let’s do this again real soon.”

Problem is, women take those words literally and so men are left with two choices:

1- Get stuck in a trap of dating someone they don’t like
2- Avoid her till she goes away

Guys tend to choose the latter, but there are other ways of going about rejecting a woman without hurting her feelings (or at least trying). But according to The Urban Dater, honesty doesn’t seem to work, either.

Telling her you’re not interested in seeing her a second time will either lead to a “your loss” or, if you’re on the phone, a dial tone. Women don’t seem to take to rejection very well.

So what’s a guy to do? Well, continue to be honest, for sure. Always tell a woman when you’re not feeling her. Remember: No one can stay angry at the truth.

If you’re not feeling her, she needs to know it.