Why Guys Don’t Get Second Dates

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Why you didn’t get a second date

7- You hated on the ex

You got dumped and your ex tore your heart out, grilled it and fed it to her cat. I’m sorry, I know it’s not easy. And perhaps you’re still in the “I hope she gets herpes” phase of your single hood, but your current date does not want to hear what a terrible person your ex was.

To start, there are two sides to every story and she’s not there to defend herself; second, she worries that you will badmouth her if things don’t go well, so keep your hate-talk for your friends.

Why you didn’t get a second date

8- You made a scene

Whether your soup was ice cold or you found a hair in your food, freaking out on the wait staff really isn’t the way to go. If your date gets embarrassed by the fiasco, you know you will never see her again.

There is such a thing as discretion and you’d be wise to think about that the next time you’re on a first date.

Why you didn’t get a second date

9- You were boring

When you answer every question with “yeah,” “no” and “Uh, I don’t know,” you can bet that your date will feel like the crickets are all hanging out right behind her.

Make an effort to tell interesting stories, ask interesting questions and don’t be afraid of silences, sometimes they tell the other person that you’re comfortable with them.

Why you didn’t get a second date

10- Your negs went overboard

I believe that negs tend to work on most women, but if you start bashing the girl siting across you and make her feel like crap, then you have managed to pass the negs zone and walk straight into the jerk off zone.

You can tell her she seems like too good of a girl for you or that her collar bones are uneven, but don’t outright insult her because she won’t want to be around a man who makes her feel small.

Why you didn’t get a second date

11- You had a relationship with your phone

One of the biggest sins of the first date is not only having your phone on the table during the date; it’s checking it constantly and talking and texting with it. It’s incredibly annoying and makes the person you’re with feel irrelevant.

If you are expecting an important phone call, tell her beforehand, but if you just want to make yourself seem important, this is not the way to go about it. Put the phone away and put it on vibrate. And if you want to make her feel like gold, don’t answer the damn thing in her presence.

Get that second date

If you want to ensure that the first date goes well and you’re girl is eager for date #2, then make sure to avoid these first date sins, and date #2 will be nothing more than a phone call away.

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