6 Red Flags Women Look For When Dating

Red flags women look for when dating

Red flags women look for when dating

So you started dating a girl you think might get the keys to your castle and you don’t want to blow it this time. The last few times you started dating, the women seemed to fade slowly from your life and you have no idea why.

Well, it’s not so difficult to figure out once you take a long, hard look at yourself.

If any of the following describes you, then get with the program and make some changes before this girl walks too.

Red flags women look for when dating

1- Lack of ambition

If you drag your feet to your 9 to 5, yet are doing nothing to improve or change your current situation, now’s the time to get a move on.

Women don’t want millionaires from whom they can take half – okay, not all women; women simply want a guy who is ambitious enough to find a job he loves or create one he wants.

So if you hate your job and aren’t doing anything about it, the girl you’re with will notice and start getting turned off. A man with no ambition is like being given a car off the lot with no engine. (Thanks @Fabulous_Cammy)

Red flags women look for when dating

2- No chivalry

While just about every woman is enjoying the benefits that come with equality, at the end of the day, just about all women want to be treated like ladies and if you can’t deliver, there’s a good chance she won’t stick around for long.

Simple things like opening car doors, helping her put on her coat and allowing her to walk in front of you to enter an establishment can make the difference between taking you home that night and giving you the “just friends” speech.

Red flags women look for when dating

3- Passing judgment on women

I remember dating a guy who kept making assumptions about all types of women and passing judgment on them. It made me nervous and turned me off.

If a girl had a tattoo, she was a whore. If she had a belly ring, she was easy. If she liked sports car, she was money-hungry. And when I would mention that generalizations were unfair, he’d tell me about an experience he had with one such girl… it was a major turn off.

So if you are quick to judge people, perhaps it would serve you well to think about how people would judge you if they had your mentality, maybe then you’d be able to see past the tip of your own nose.

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  • Erik

    Vanessa, great article! really enjoyed it. Ladies the other red flag for guys, and I guess it goes for women too, is being rude to waiters, or just being difficult to people who are in a service position. Red. Effin. Flag.

  • michele

    So true and to the point! By the way ,chivalry is not dead :)

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  • http://www.Leftos.com Leftos

    It all makes sense when you put it on paper. For some reason it seems like something that lots of men find easy to say and hard to do.

  • John Alastair

    I can understand the points here except #3. The guy’s judgementalism is only treated as a red flag because of a common doublestandard. Women, themselves, tend to be extremely judgemental toward men, in a very similar way. That is, putting us into convenient categories (ex. he seems really confident and good-looking so he’s probably the cheating type; he talked about his mother more than once so he’s probably the mama’s boy type; he drives a flashy car so he’s probably insecure or overcompensating, etc.). Double standard, pure and simple.

  • http://www.attractionexplained.com/ How to get girls

    If you pay attention to the tips you should have no problems maintaining a relationship! Most guys are lazy but if you pick up your game you will do just fine. and don’t forget to open the doors.

  • AdR

    Great article Vanessa.  One issue I have though is with “5-Tones of female friends/no male friends.” Honestly, I get along better with women than men and choose to invest my time with those I enjoy so, what’s wrong with that?  Doesn’t hanging out with women make help guys like me understand women’s perspective better (through my female buddies)?